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RSD UK 2020: "Honey, You Know Where To Find Me" 10" vinyl released today (August 29, 2020)

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Record Store Day (number 13) this year has seen a variety of changes.
Pre-covid, the plan (as per usual) was to release a long list of rarities and collectables.
People would then queue and try hard to get their wants lists met at their indie record store.
Februray 20, 2020, we shared a rumour sourced from the Reps that the 12" (thought at the time) was ready for listing.
This was confirmed the next day with a link to the physical product via 'Bullmoose'.
RSD was due to take place on April 18, 2020, but world events would bring about the end to this plan.
March 4, 2020, Central posted an image of several of these records saying there were 3 tracks on the B-side (there isn't a B-side).
That would indicate they were already made and ready to distribute, but have sat for 5+ months waiting.
RSD then announced (April 29. 2020) the revised plan to split the list up in to 3 and 'drop' over 3 dates with Morrissey being in the first one.

That all said, today finally sees the first of 3...

SER YT shares "Brow Of My Beloved" (unreleased version), "I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed" as a thank you (August 22, 2020)

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"A personal thank you to all you flower givers."

(Video removed and re-uploaded Aug. 30).
Described as an "unreleased track".

Link posted by Erik:

Smiths track features on Smash Hits vinyl for National Album Day (October 10, 2020)

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This will appeal to the oddity collectors:

As part of National Album Day 2020 (October 10, 2020), TIALTNGO features on one of the vinyl releases that day:

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Smash Hits 80s: Limited Edition Red Vinyl:

Side A:
1 New Order – Blue Monday
2 A-ha – Take On Me
3 Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
4 The B-52’s – Love Shack
5 Bananarama - Venus
Side B:
1 Tina Turner – The Best
2 Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
3 The Cars – Drive
4 Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong
5 Aztec Camera – Somewhere In My Heart
Side C:
1 The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
2 Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
3 Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
4 The Stranglers – Golden Brown
5 Talk Talk – It’s My Life
Side D:
1 Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
2 Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
3 Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
4 Spandau Ballet – True
5 Brother Beyond – The Harder I Try


"Vauxhall And I" re-enters Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11 (Physical #25, Sales #25)

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The re-issued HMV exclusive blue vinyl Vauxhall And I re-enters the the Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11

Also in the Physical Albums Chart Top 100 at #24 and the Album Sales Chart Top 100 at #25

Related item:

HMV UK exclusive: "Vauxhall And I" blue vinyl album released today (August 15, 2020)

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As part of HMV's vinyl week exclusives, Vauxhall And I was released on blue vinyl in the UK today.
There is not a single reference to 2020 anywhere on the vinyl/art and is copyright 2014.
It is the remaster from this date.
There is no matrix message and nothing of any difference particularly to the gold version.
1000 copies made.
The album art is exactly that of the previous release.
Only the HMV stickers denote anything different about the record (including an external barcode sticker).



(Carl Lindström AG/'Parlophon' was the company bought out by EMI to become Parlophone).

Colour comparison with California Son:

HMV had a reserve and collect later system in place to save queuing when I turned up at daft o'clock which was appreciated.
HMV have stated that anything from the event not sold out/bought...

"Vauxhall & I" exclusive blue vinyl included in HMV’s Vinyl Week (in stores Aug. 15, 2020)

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In store from 15th August, pressed onto blue vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies.

Whatever you might make of his politics or his increasingly grumpy interventions into public life, there's no denying that during his time as frontman of The Smiths Morrissey was considered – quite rightly – to be one of the greatest lyricists of his generation. His post-Smiths work has been something of a mixed bag, but in a solo career that has so far produced 13 studio albums he has, every once in a while, turned in an album that reminds his fans why they keep the faith.

Of his first four solo albums, Vauxhall and I is one of his very best and includes one of his finest solo tracks in 'The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get'. The album joins our list of Vinyl Week exclusives this year with a new reissue pressed onto blue vinyl and limited to 1000 copies.

Morrissey Record Store Day vinyl confirmed for August 29, 2020

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Rather than bump an old thread, just a quick update to say Honey, You Know Where To Find Me will be part of the 3 'drop' dates for this year's RSD.
The bulk of the remaining RSD products have been shared across 3 dates and Morrissey features on August 29 (the first of those dates).

There were some great items by other artists this year too - if you value small, independent record shops, please support them as they slowly reopen.
They will be reeling from not having the event as it was intended and with some artists pulling their products to sell online, things are increasingly difficult for small retailers.

Related items:

Morrissey's RSD release rescheduled as RSD in June is cancelled

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Well, I reported it as a rumour yesterday, but it is now confirmed officially.
Honey, You Know Where To Find Me will now be part of a scheduled 'drop' on either Saturday 29th August, Saturday 26th September or Saturday 24th October.
Liase with your local record shop where possible - as their circumstances and logistics will dictate how to get hold of any vinyl initially designed for RSD.
Also, do re-check the list as some bands have pulled their items and are selling them online instead.

RSD full press release:

29th April 2020: In 2020, the world is a different place. And for that reason, Record Store Day has had to adapt to fit into this different place.

Record Store Day will unfortunately no longer be taking place on June 20th.

Instead, the titles on the RSD 2020 official list will be available from independent record shops on one of the three following RSD “Drop” Dates: Saturday 29th August, Saturday 26th September and Saturday 24th October.

A new version of “The...

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