Upstarts and Oligarchs blog review by Rob Butterfield: "Moz is back ...and he’s certainly no dog on a chain" 10/10

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By Rob Butterfield - March 23, 2020.


"March 20th saw the release of the latest album from Morrissey ‘I am not a dog on a chain’. His last album ‘California Son’ compelled me to write a blog post about what, in my opinion, was the greatest album release in 2019, despite its harsh reviews from an evidently anti-Moz clutch of oh-so predictable music journalists. The tide seems to have changed for this release though and the press (with the exception of, unexpectedly, The Guardian) are waxing lyrical about his latest offering claiming it to be “his best music in years” (Associated Press) and “worth crossing the the Twittermob line for...” (NME) - not that Morrissey ever needs to covet favourable press reviews!"

Should I be worried at the reviews? Has “the one-time poet laureate of the sensitive, the lonely, the misunderstood and other people who spent too much time in their teenage bedrooms” (The Times) gone soft in his old age? I’d have to wait until my pre-order...

Flood magazine review by AD Amorosi - IANADOAC 7/10

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Morrissey, “I Am Not a Dog on a Chain” - 7/10, Flood Magazine
By AD Amorosi

"Morrissey has never exactly been pleased with the way things are, whether it be affairs of the heart or the state of the nation. That he’s let his misanthropic ideas beyond the lovelorn and lyrical fester, bubble, and boil over into some truly tragic political public opinions has been both ugly and unnecessary. To hear him speak is to long for his silence.

To hear him sing, however, in that familiar British bellow—caustic, witty tales of missed opportunities, of artifice and chicanery, of isolation beyond the emotional, of torrid and tawdry romances, and of the breadth of possible dissatisfactions, all with a dash of black humor—well, that’s our Morrissey. And it feels good. "

Morrissey Central "NUMBER 1 IN POLAND" (March 23, 2020)

Morrissey Central "OFFICIAL UK CHART" (March 23, 2020)

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I think Moz wants a Physical Sales chart, because he's number one on it.

Including streaming, he's at two.

March 23, 2020
Morrissey 'biggest physical seller', but positioned at number 2.

album, cassette, CD available at
Rough Trade online : HMV online : Amazon : Spotify
Tesco superstores, Sainsbury's superstores, ASDA.

Morrissey Central "CHART PROGRESS" (March 23, 2020)

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Morrissey Central: "CHART PROGRESS"

Having been UK Number 1 on Friday, Morrissey's I Am Not A Dog On A Chain is today number 2.

With the closures of HMV shops, please note that online orders are still being fulfilled by HMV, Amazon, Spotify.
Your support is appreciated.


Morrissey Central "THINGS" (March 23, 2020) review by Barry Egan - IANADOAC

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Will someone please bury journalism's corpse?

The random selection of Moz Crimes are: THE PIN, saying Sadiq Khan, with his estuary accent, can't talk properly is racist (even though Moz has slagged off Johnny Marr & Cilla Black for their accents & had his own slagged off & it's technically snobbery or reverse snobbery) & slagging off Diane Abbott, which is racist. No mention of him slagging off Theresa May IN THE SAME INTERVIEW.

Plus some weird jaunt through Moz's suicidal depression - as if that isn't a possible explanation for his random statements.

IANADOAC - HD audio (96kHz/24-bit) available at; closing Mar. 31, 2020

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JR writes:

1. Morrissey’s new album available in HD audio;
2. Not sure if this is likely to be the last as appears some changes at HDtracks.

HDtracks featured releases

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