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  • sorry, dont know if you got this message twice, but that's a great pic. very classy.
    Hi sweetie! Long time, no chat! Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hope you are well. Stay Fabulous! :love:
    Happy Birthday!! Check your letterbox hopefully the card I sent will arrive soon. Hope you had a fabulous day xx
    Happy Birthday, girl!! Best wishes all-ways!
    Hope you're celebrating how special you are :)
    VIRGOS RULE! :guitar:

    Hi Alma. Good to see you back again. Fingers crossed for a show this time. :)
    ...Ok, so to continue (!)....

    I know what you mean about kids growing up, my little sister will be going to high school this year. Oh woe, the corruption and the pain! (Actually I think she might love it. I'm just a little over-protective!) She just had her sex education as well. What a barrel of laughs, eh?

    Things for me? Hm well I won't burdon you but I'm busy having the odd minor breakdown every now and then. Hah, it's not really as bad as that, but uni isn't working for me. But I have decided to Take Control (cue self-empowerment slogans!), so I'm outta here! Hopefully transferring closer to home.

    Love as always

    P.s. I love your profile pic, it's rather Moz-esque.
    Oh my ALL your shows?! That sucks so bad. I thought I'd had it with my Cambridge gig, but he made it through. (I won't go on though because it must still smart for you.)

    Have you got reschedules? I must admit I've benefited from the cancellations because I've bought some returns, so I'm seeing him two more times this year. (Unless he cancels. Oh I know he said he's better but I do really worry that there's something more...) This time 'him indoors' is coming to see Moz! For the first time! So I hope all goes well, because I know he won't go again if it goes tits up...He will not stand so we are in the circle, which may be ok...more, ahem, sedate perhaps?

    Teaching assistant! That sounds perfect for you! Hope going full time goes well!

    Ooh I'm gonna have to break this into two messages, it won't let me post it because it's too long! I'm not up to all this technology nonsense!...to be continued!
    Hello love!

    Have just been wandering around the forums (suffering from lack of human contact as bf refused to call. HUMPH- not a happy bunny. In fact a very grumpy bunny.) and saw one of your posts. Long time no speak! How are you? Hope everything's going ok. I miss our conversations! And I miss being obsessed with solo- I'm sure I can rectify that shortly though. Heh.

    That's always a nightmare, sorting out people's stuff. It sounds like she lived to a good age.

    I used to love these days as a kid. Don't like snow as an adult i may fall over and break my new hip....:) Poor Rachel, it's not the kind of day to be sick. I hope she gets well soon.

    I am still putting money aside to get a deposit together, so i am still in temporary accomodation at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon.

    I hope you keep well and that the bairn gets well soon.

    Love, Ally...xxx
    Hey Mrs. How is life treating you? haven't heard from you in yonks. Give me a little message just to let me know if you are alive and well.....:)

    I hope the funeral and stuff went okay?

    Love, Alasdair...xxx
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