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    Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

    I would encourage anyone that has missed out, to contact your local MP and complain bitterly about this "Legalised Ticket Touting" Scam. They claim to be genuine fans selling tickets, what genuine fan sells a ticket five minutes after they go on general sale. It is organised crime in my...
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    More London dates

    Standing Stalls still available, just managed to get one using a friend of a friends O2 phone number. Happy days.
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    Plymouth - Pavilions (June 30, 2011) post-show

    I thought it was a great gig, can not understand why it took so long to sell out, great venue, sound a bit dodgy at times but a great atmosphere, and like some one else mentioned, it was like being surrounded by a load of your mates. Kristeen Young, not my cup of tea I am afraid, like the other...
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    2011 Tour

    This is the easiest I have ever got tickets for a Morrissey gig, I was well prepared, if anything over prepared, Mobile phone ready to ring Plymouth, house phone for See Tickets, Ticket Master on my Daughters Laptop, Gigs and Tours and Ent 24 on my computer. Ent24 loaded with about two minutes...
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    Do you remember the first time you heard The Smiths or Morrissey

    Absolutely, like it was yesterday. I was 17, working in a grotty office at the time, and was listening to Garry Davies (Radio 1 DJ) whilst eating a sandwich, feet on the table, not paying much attention to anything really, and then he played, What Difference Does it Make, wow, I hadn't heard...
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    2011 Tour

    I phoned Barbican York, they told me they were not sure, think it might be Friday 18th, Gigs and Tours said Friday 18th as well, bloody typical ticket fiasco.
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    Orange pre-sale

    Thanks - that makes it even better. Fingers crossed the tickets come through. I had the highs and lows of the Roundhouse cancelled gigs in January, the High was actually managing to get tickets, the low...the gig was cancelled.
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    Orange pre-sale

    Just managed to reserve tickets for Salisbury, says they are standing yet the seating plan shows all seats??? I am not sure I trust this Orange thingy and will try See Tickets in the morning as well, better safe than sorry. Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets, it sounds like the...
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