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    Time left until Trump leaves office

    The whole thing with the Democrats is that horrible do as we say and do as we do.That Soviet Union kind of mind set,they do nothing for people That whole cancel woke culture does nothing for no one just shut People down for having a different view.The whole Democrats sucking up to...
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    Time left until Trump leaves office

    Again Trump love him or loaf him he has turned the whole political world upside down and shaken it up. You could say he is modern day Punk or Rock and roll star.But America is now more divided now between Race,Religion & Class and Idetity,& Sleep old Joe Biden and Nurse Karmala Harris won’t...
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    John Lydon voting for Trump "Joe Biden is in all practicality senile..."

    I see Danny Boyle is working on Tv Bio Picture on the life and time of the Sex Pistols,& Fox has picked it up after Fx Tv’s poor rating’s recently it come‘s off disparate.In my mind John Lydon will hate it like he did the Sid and Nancy movie that never really got who Sid was,& Hollywood cashing...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Great band should have been big like Silverchair.
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