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    Johnny Marr's son calls Morrissey a racist on Instagram

    Shoplifters instrumental demo Not much fun without Morrissey
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    Denise Johnson dies - New album features a Smiths cover version ("Well I Wonder")

    One of Morrissey’s best lyrics and melodies.
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    Denise Johnson dies - New album features a Smiths cover version ("Well I Wonder")
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    Is there an official lyric sheet for Your Arsenal?/Lyric discussion

    The lyrics are on Apple Music for Your Arsenal.
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    Who is writing songs that are better than Morrissey’s today?

    Even though Morrissey has, mostly, passed his peak he is still head and shoulders above other current songwriters. I love all of the new album and don’t hear anything as witty or exciting or even melodic.
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    Which interview was it where M said he felt close to transsexualism?

    I think it may be from Nineteen Eighty-Hate.
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    This world is just chock-a-block with nonsense

    I was thinking exactly the same thing other day. Doggerel is such a part of pop music lyrics that we accept it unquestioningly. I think a lot of what people call great writing is in the ear of the beholder. There are some really dodgy rhymes, I think, in Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen but I’m in a...
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    Who is Bobby? Who is Ruth? Who is Jim?

    Jim Jim Falls is a place in Australia.
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    30 years - Wolverhampton - first solo show (Dec. 22, 1988)

    It was difficult to know what to say to her. She knew somebody on the flight too apparently. We stayed in touch for a while and she’d send me US releases and I’d send her UK ones. She took some brilliant photographs of the show too.
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    30 years - Wolverhampton - first solo show (Dec. 22, 1988)

    There was somebody in the queue who changed her flight to be at the gig. An American. It meant she missed the flight that went down over Lockerbie two days before! It was a chilling story to hear.
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    The Smiths-The Day I Was There TV feature

    They manage to have a little dig at Morrissey. I suppose he was the weakest link in the band.
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    Did moz use unrelased smiths songs

    Morrissey would have used lyrical ideas in his solo work that potentially could have ended up in Smith’s songs if they had stayed together. There is a picture of him holding a page on which he as written “Rush to danger”. The photograph is from 1985/86 but the lyric wasn’t used for another 7 0r...
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    The Smiths San Remo 1987. Any footage of this specific performance?

    So it was probably for a camera rehearsal? Thanks for the information. Now all,I need to know is why they recorded two versions of Stretch Out and Wait?
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