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    'This Is Morrissey' Album (vinyl & download) - released 6th July - Morrissey Central (June 3)

    That's a nice looking retro cover, but a pointless selection of tracks. "The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye"? If I made a list of my least favorite songs, this would probably be in the top three. Barely even good enough to be a b-side much less the album track it somehow inexplicably was.
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    Full Morrissey interview on Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry, unreleased Smiths

    I've read about it numerous times. Recorded as a b-side for a Strangeways single, but never released, and to my knowledge not leaked or bootlegged. I've always thought "I Keep Mine Hidden" sounded similar, so I've always assumed it was done around the same time.
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    The Smiths not inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2015

    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions seem to hew very closely to the Rolling Stone history of rock, which means that once you hit that late '70s - early '80s punk/post-punk period, they just can't be bothered. The same goes for a lot of electronic and black music (seriously, Chic has been...
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    Morrissey's new album 'a stunning career high' review by Eamon Carr - Irish Independent

    I think it's very well produced, and musically it's a step in the right direction for him. As he ages, the more guitar dominated albums seem less fulfilling than the ones where things quiet down and veer closer to the Viva Hate template (one which I think he discarded too abruptly - I enjoy a...
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    Does Morrissey have a secret ‘serious illness’? -

    He's a man in his fifties whose chosen to live on a very specific diet and doesn't appear to be into fitness. Throw in a stressful touring schedule and of course he's going to be prone to illness. And I'm not slamming vegetarianism or veganism. I was a vegetarian for nearly a decade, and my...
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    Morrissey - has his light finally gone out? by Andrew Harrison (The Guardian / Shortcuts blog)

    It's been years since I've seen him in concert, but the three times I saw him in the '90s were all wildly different in quality, even from one night to the next. I saw him give a brilliant show one night in Chicago, followed by a half hour ending with a walk off mid song the next night, so I'm...
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    "Morrissey's Kill Uncle and the Wet-Dog-Record Theory" - The New Yorker

    I always attributed a lot of the record's failure to the production. I was buying the Elvis Costello re-issues back in the early to mid '90s, not long after Kill Uncle came out. When I got to the two albums of his that Langer and Winstanley produced (Punch The Clock and Goodbye Cruel World, an...
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    Passions Just Like Mine RIP

    That news made me so sad I actually registered to post. A site I've used a lot over the years. I used to have a version of it saved permanently to my hard drive, but that was several crashes ago, so it's long since gone. It was a big help with everything from collecting to learning the name of...
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