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  • You're lucky! I wish I could see them. I think they're fabulous...have you heard Camera Obscura? They're a similar sound.
    Your getting more blunt as the months fly by Cornelius :D

    You know what, I'm going to actually look in the BBC Shop and see if there's anything I like! Never really bought anything from there before, but there looks like there's tonnes of stuff available!
    Wow those gifts are amazing! Does the sonic screwdriver make much noise? I don't think I've had any Doctor Who presents this time! I'm getting The Moonbase DVD when it comes out late January, but that's about it.
    Almost dying when he was born due to a stomach condition, incidents of child abuse at school, his uncle and grandfather dying within days of each other, his family torn apart by divorce, being beaten up by lads he went to school with. A Couple of car accidents and fainting at a football match! You need to read it though :) it's beautifully written.
    Watching Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Hahaha. That opening scene is hilarious. Had me laughing out loud.
    That looks like a beautiful place. Almost like an old cinema stuck in time with modern amenities. Coriolanus looks like a good movie. Did you end up seeing it? I'm not sure I would pay to see it without a Q&A with Ralph, but it looks like a good movie to watch on a quiet night at home, I think. I haven't seen Hitchcock, but we're going to rent it soon, because I really want to. I've never even heard of The Girl until you mentioned it. I think I'd like to see that too, though I'm slightly skeptical of Toby Jones as Hitchcock. Don't get me wrong, Toby is awesome, I'm just used to seeing him in sillier roles lately. It's like he'll always be Dobby to me :p. I've been really obsessed with old movies lately. They're all just so much better than anything that's being put out these days.
    I would pay an unreasonable amount of money to watch psycho on the big screen, so I'm pretty jealous that you got to. Viva and I bought a Hitchcock blu-ray collection with Vertigo, North By Northwest, The Birds, Rear Window and of course, Psycho. The picture quality is to die for!
    Hello. No I missed that, I will have to watch it on catch up tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up. I love his voice. v
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