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    "Surely how I feel is not nothing?" by Morrissey - statement at

    Why is it that nearly every word of yours, in this particular thread, is bloody bang-on? I'm impressed. Are you good-looking? We'd get on beautifully! If only you were here in Calgary to hang out with me, you'd love my Queer Magenta walls (a custom colour I fashioned for my wee self, because...
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    "Surely how I feel is not nothing?" by Morrissey - statement at

    Dear Morrissey is becoming lost to us. It was a great deal of rambling about the obvious, little else. It's even a bit frightening, perhaps that rubbish blog is him after-all. This is his good-bye, I sadly surmise, he's planning to top himself soon.
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    Shelagh Delaney has died

    Her writing was beautiful beyond comprehension. What a gorgeous mark she's left upon this ugly Earth, not entirely sure we even deserved her.
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    Bring a white or red rose to the shows...

    ... no, on second thought: shove them up your arse, thorns intact. It's funny how the champions for Morrissey's World have now gone strangely silent. Bleating, in all of its annoying absurdity, has now ceased. I think everybody should send a 'Good riddance, Wanker Boy Imposter' email to...
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    What did make you smile today?

    That Morrissey's World has, at last, imploded. Imposter bastard has FINALLY admitted defeat. It all feels soooo good!!! There was no way Morrissey could be that idiotic & boring. I could not be more happy with the outcome!!!
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    Wanker idiot has at last gone. It was a perpetual wind-up: one gullible bastards completely fell for.
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    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    Cats that find habitation in households forever prone to resurrecting delicious Morrissey anthems, must be the utter best. True gems you'd be unlikely to find elsewhere, in Beiber-influenced environments: in all their monstrosity.
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    Dope? doing drugs

    Eating drugs is far preferable to smoking them, I find. Mushrooms are the best, it's mad to think they are illegal anywhere. The last time I had them was eight years ago, though. I'm far too much of a good girl to have drug-dealers as friends.
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    Rose or no rose?

    LOVE how your link is now rendered null. No surprises there, for it is a FAKE Morrissey blog, after-all. In fact the entire blog seems nearly nonexistent, much like the impostor's silent Twitter feed. Guess what the last 'sign' is? That you are all idiotic fools for still believing it is him...
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    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    That's too damn funny! The reason is likely the same, however disgustingly! She's a naughty girl in more ways than one, but I do not love her any less for being a wee hooligan!
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    Morrissey warning on eBay 'signatures' -

    Obviously... please! Will it ever end? Is the idiot behind the blog now attempting to profit from all of this mad impersonation with forged signatures? Just when I thought it couldn't get any stranger or more criminal.
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    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    You're not stupid, it's a good question. Crystal is comparing Myrtle's fly-away hairs with the stringy fluff on her old record player.
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    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    Kitty is my absolute world! I even put a photograph of her on Wikipedia under 'bicolour cat' as an example of a tuxedo coat. She has multiple names, Poopy is one of them: how cute is that?
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    Morrissey warning on eBay 'signatures' -

    Well put, UncleSkinny. That is precisely how I feel: defrauded, for I once was hopeful he authored the blog (however foolishly). It is massively disgraceful. And they cannot shut-up about how 'three disassociations' from Morrissey are somehow 'proof' it is actually him fronting all of the...
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    Morrisseysmum on Twitter

    You're so f***ing funny, I love it! Give us more, please!
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