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  • hi di
    havent talked to you in a while..how are you, hon?:flowers:
    what have you been up to?
    btw im hoping for gifs from either of these haciends schows (nov and feb 83 :great close ups of johnny and moz:thumb::)
    this computer im using 99 percent of th time is restricted :no downloading, no tone on youtube videos , and so on..but its almost free (5 euro in a year) i dont have a computer on me own, you see?its in a university even though im not a student (dont have the highest graduation to be able to attend college/university)
    but its a cheap way to go online
    hi f di
    from which youtube video is that scene with moz carrying the baby from (which song) do you have a link ..thnks a lot hon
    I added you back, it was all that was needed, you should be able to see everything now. Contact me again if you find any problems.

    You can save anything you want and use them of course. If, when using them, you can credit, that would be supernice, but please please please never say you made them :p (Sounds obvious and silly but you wouldn't believe)
    Hey, I hear you have a lot of fantastic Mozzy gifs and I would really like to see them, but your livejournal link won't work for me. Do you have a different link please?
    he refered in the inrock mag 04 to linder as "dear old friend" not his girlfriend -sloppy magzine editors.haha...
    you can have a look b and dont have to translate it yourself since04 inrock is online
    the orginal 91 is pretty long (3,4sides)so maybe say its has been shortened and the 91 article is not printed in the orginal length/with q cut out and is a mix
    I will have a look for the french orginal
    no in he spex one (the translated french inrock interview from 91)he doesnt say that..thta sounds invinted indeed -
    maybe you can sent the interview to me via email)i had spanish for 6 months and i could tell if its real or not..even though i would not be able to understand much afew words i will know+recognize again
    LOL at moz`s back....I like his butt..I cannot deny it..haha
    i do have the interview as well(its a reprint from 1991 which has been re-used for this inrock mag 09 right?)
    it has been printed in spex 1991 as well(3 or 4 sides) it looks uncut but i cant find it anymore...no the 1991 inrock interview is not online..will havea look as well..maybe when you post it mention it might havre been cut..and it has printed in spex 1991 as well..so i then wehn i find it could add it....
    nice inrock pic..the q is a bit naughty but could you see his back a bit lower ie. that the lower half of bhis behind on the pic couldnt match into the scanner..or did the pic didnt show more of his backside(omg cant belive Im typing this..but you know what i mean right? ..lol
    have you got the interview as well..here are a lot of spanish speaking pweople if you dont have the time yourself to translate it...
    Hi Di! What hapnd to ya on flickr? haven't heard from you in a while. I was perusing the gallery pgs and I noticed you did a couple drawings of our beloved Mozzie and I must say they are fantastic! You have a real gift girl! I can't draw for the life of me but if I could I'd make all kinds of Moz pics. Just wanted to let you know I love them! talk to ya later!---Karrie
    Hi Di! Aww I figured you'd be my 1st friend on here! Thanks so much for leaving that little msg on my profile page! I figured you only come here to post and then leave as you have so many other sites you're a part of w/ all your Mozzie photoshop pic creations! So we'll still keep in touch weekly on flickr? My next activity will be to join LiveJournal so I can see ALL your Moz stuff you've posted :) I also joined facebook via Solo and was able to get in touch w/ an old pal from high school so that was cool! Oh, Di would you plz add me to your friends list or do I need permission granted in the form of an invite? Plz let me know. Now I can look at the moving/waving hands gif you have on your name square everytime I'm on my profile pg! Neato! Wish I knew how I could paste pics of him on my pg :( But for now, I have yours to look at :p Talk to ya later on flickr. Bye for now Take care, Karrie :D
    Hi Di :D It's official I'm now a member of the morrissey-solo forums! YAY! Now maybe I can make some new Mozlover friends! Talk to ya on flickr! :)
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