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  • I just figured out what the + means next to your name. It means your on my "friends" list. duh! :)
    Hi Di, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your People covers so much, that I enlarged three to 5x7 size and framed them. They put a big smile on my face. How are things in Moztevideo? Is it winter there now? -- Diane (Di #2).
    wow... I only saw once (bottom, main page) a notice of how many were online., but not much more. If you suspect someone in particular you should go to their profile right away and it says Last Activity... and you can see if he/she was there at a certain hour... I don't really know much :p
    hey sorry my mailbox is full..one q .you have experience with LiveJournal so you must know..
    is there a possibility to see if someone is online..tht person is not my friend but she made something public i didnt want to and i wonder if i can see if she /he is online or not..thanks so much for help
    keeep up your good work;-)
    Oooh Di, please make a gif outta the sexy tummy flash from the First Of The Gang To Die video!!! :D xox
    Di, I found some great frinky videos on myspace/photobucket, but I'm not sure how to save them. How do you get your videos to turn them into gifs?
    Aww thanks for that. Now that I'm out of vids I'll start photoshoping again ;)
    This new layout is great, this didn't exist before right? :D
    Di, that James Dean/Moz photoshop is brilliant! I wish he could see it! I also like the Dancing With The Stars one. So funny! Keep up the great work, you're super talented and you always make me smile.
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