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    Morrissey fan photos in Rome

    Forget about the eyebrow, let's get the man a reusable water bottle! For all his work with animals, surely he knows about the ridiculousness and wastefulness of plastic water bottles.
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    Suggs -> Autobiography and book events

    another autobiography to be excited about...i wonder if he mentions Moz in it? and some preview pages
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    Pioneers - Out of Here (2005) from Manchester

    any one know what happened to them or if they're in other bands now? all i can find is this any kind person out there willing to share some Pioneers music? bsides, bootlegs, anything? gracias
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    The Ocean Blue

    Their new album is out today!!! Experience it here :guitar:
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    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    he's having another go! "The entire album is up for free download. For the first 200 people only. Grab it now!" if you want to hear it and DL it, follow same instructions as i mentioned above. hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as i do. gracias! :guitar:
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    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    this is one of my mates who i mentioned a little while ago. he's offering a free/legal digital download of his debut album only for today. the cover below is not on the album but it's a sampling of his voice, because we all know voice and lyrics are the most important :cool: definitely worth...
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    EMI-Universal deal cleared by EU and US regulators

    uh-oh :tears:
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Pure Love - Bury My Bones "i'm so sick of singing about hate, it's never gonna make a change" ¡si por favor! :guitar:
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    The Dears new album and tour

    anyone else going? Wed March 30, 2011 - Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall Tickets Thu March 31, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Tickets Sat April 2, 2011 - Laval, QC @ Salle Antonine Labelle Tickets Wed April 13, 2011 - Berlin, Germany @ Frannz Club Tickets Thu April 14, 2011 - Brussels...
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    DarkRiverArchive cover "Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself?"

    Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself (Morrissey cover) by DarkRiverArchive
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    Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself by DarkRiverArchive
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    'Urgh! A Music War' finally on dvd + soundtrack

    It's a classic!:cool: Just saw that this was released, apparently a year and a half ago.;),default,pd.html soundtrack thanks to mrml:guitar:
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    The Dears new album and tour

    'degeneration street' out today! go buy it from their site. it's cheap. go see them live. it's worth it.:guitar: 2/15, Toronto, ON at The Drake Hotel (Polaris Music Prize Salon) 2/17, ON TV, CBC, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (Tickets for studio audience) 2/17...
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    Longview - 2 new songs, finally after 7 years + b-sides

    Re: Longview live - Sunday 13 February 2011, KOKO CAMDEN No love for Longview?! :tears: Is it because it's not word of mouth by uncleskinny or kewpie? they even just announced a new "live appearance".:guitar: One of the best live musical experiences I've had...right up there with getting to...
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