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  • Hi there! Just approved your request! Thanks very much for wanting to be mah friend :o) It seems everyone here calls me Kali and my MySpace page is Kali, so you can keep calling me that if you want. LOL everyone else does!
    EPbabe! Good morning. Sure, I'll send you a friend's request. Mine is set to Private- but just type in [email protected] ( I think you might know Colleen is my real name.) Thanks for stopping by and have a great one! :o)
    oh thank you..well..one thing for sure..it'll never get boring..:D
    oh i love flatcaps..i also got three of them..and yes..just for really bad hair days:)..but especially worn by him..it's so english..and i like it when he shows us his englishness:rolleyes:
    well..I study social pedagogy..it's very interesting..you learn so much things..now we got the topic children til next year..then i will start with the the mentally retarded and at last older people..seniors..yes..all kind of mind!!:rolleyes:

    BTW..have you seen the new pic of moz?..isn't it sweet?? aww..i love his outfit and flatcap..yes i':rolleyes:m a fan of them:)

    hugs miry;)
    nice to hear from you!!
    well, I'm doing very well..i got holidays right now..for 2 weeks..
    btw i were here..but not often..i was very
    buzy and it's still going on..i started my education
    6 weeks ago..and it's very tough..you have to do a
    lot of stuff...especially after school..but i'm happy
    with it..it's much better than i thought..and that's
    s.th, isn't it? i think i can handle it..!!

    you also watch californication..well...
    yesterday was the first episode by first season..
    and i felt in love with it, immediately...:eek:

    have you seen the complet 1 season, yet?...
    i heard that he ( DD) earned two grammys for his act..!!
    hmm..well i like what i've seen , yet..
    nice that he's back in a series..after the x-files..
    btw..not too long..and quantum of solace will start..:rolleyes:
    can't wait anymore..i'm so excited..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sexy beast:horny::p

    so how are YOU??
    xoxo miry

    PS..i didn't got a message at myspace..maybe an error..:confused::rolleyes:
    Just for you, darling;)

    I did say sorry....not to my knowledge, i hope not....i do thing they would have nightmares:D I think your dream is slightly fixed in reality by the sounds of it:p
    ha....yes i have been tired all weekend. i was kind of joking as well:o i did fall asleep in this chair a few times over the past 2 days. it's going to be hectic at work this week....i doubt you be seeing my nonsense posted on here very much. But i always make sure i get a lunch hour so i guess you will see me on and off here.
    thank you for your concern xxx
    yes, its a mix of short new hair and i put some extensions in to fill in the void,but that will be my new hair for a while,i am tired of the quiff.:)
    well the vids there are samples of 15 secs and they won't allow you to download, which is understandable. But boy, they can get naughty! That's why I prefer watching something closer to the real thing. What I liked the most was that they really are amateurs and the bodies show it :p I'm not into muscular men. I'll check it again today and search for something like kissing, that should be good. ;)
    I wish that was so:o its too late now. well they be open for hours but i cant be arsed!
    she is a lucky niece then:) you & your husband have fun at the party:)
    TTFN x
    did my plan work? oh lovely....someone left work yesterday and they brought in this cake...it was the best cake EVER. So you gonna eat cake, i like cake :) what did you buy her, buying for kids that age is quite easy i have always found. I was going to get my haircut, but i can't be bothered now.
    LOL! Can't imagine how it must have sounded in Hungarian!
    Perhaps you could translate the following into Hungarian for me, if you have an idle moment :)

    I 'ate you, Butler....Get that bus out!!
    Yes indeed, that is the legend that is "Blakey" from OTB. Just seeing and hearing him is enough to crack me up :)
    Have you watched the show? I assume you have.
    Morrissey was spotted a few years back buying the series on DVD in Chester, I seem to recall...
    Anyway, I've loved the show since I was a kid.

    I 'ate you, Butler....Get that bus out!!
    fishbone???? some rugs are need for protection really (as i look down at the wooden floors i have need to be sanded down again and vanished).
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