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  • This is, why? it was a cheap fix a while ago, the carpet was free. Just didn't have the knowledge or the cash (still don't ) to do it with tiles! it is still wet....or it is sticky, I got some on my toe when i tested it:p
    then he got home late and you didn't let him rest;):p:eek:

    I had to take the day off because i had a leaking pipe in the bathroom. The carpet in there was ruined and i had to throw away. So now I bought some floor paint as its pretty smooth concrete underneath. so i am going to paint it (as the previous person done before by the looks of it) and get some more bath rugs. I hate DIY, actually the bathroom does need decorating, i just hate doing it!

    if where we lived looked like anything like corrissey's home i would show off. sorry i won't be showing you pictures of my bath room. But there is a picture of part of my living room on that morrissey's posters thread in general discussions to make up for it:)

    well that is the floor nearly done....i might have to go to ikea, it's too far:p i'll go to another shop:D

    have you worn him out again;)
    Oh a woman's logic:p yes, in September, this is my favorite weather...where it is sunny but you still need a jacket and sunny glasses as it is a bit chilly. The past couple of years we've had pretty mild winters, or i think so.

    right i am eating now....then off to do DIY :(

    that's my girl:p you be brave where uncle cornelius is away:)

    TTFN xxx
    but they can see what your doing, when you post:p how R U btw :) we have a very sunny London morning here. I need something to eat. my belly fills empty.
    Oh yes, I'm fine! I don't feel very well and when my boyfriend came home from work I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went ahead and got up. Thank you for asking! :)

    How are you this morning (it's morning here, anyway)?
    awww! Thanks! Just wait til my other friend has her twins in December, I may go into cute baby meltdown! :D
    Hi :)

    It was alright, not brilliant but not too bad either. I was the youngest person in today by a long way, and so I had to do all the mopping/sweeping/dusting/serving and the manager just sat around moaning, going for fag breaks every 15 minutes and getting on at me for making mistakes with the till. Fun :(
    Me neither :) though I probably will be when I realize that it's gonna be like 4am and I'll still be on solo. haha
    Yes it is! Thank you for your kind b'day wishes! As for my age, well you know what we say here, "never ask a doggie its age". In chinese astrology, I'm a boar (but not a bore), so that should limit your guesses :p

    Your birthday is the same as my sister's so I'll try not to forget! ;)
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