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    for sale - Dunoon tickets

    I have sent you a private message. Thanks.
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    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    you just haven't earned it yet, baby
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    Moz tattoo

    Got this done today.
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    Advise for Moz quotes-tattos

    I am going for my tattoo on Thursday, if all goes to plan. I am getting 'There is a light that never goes out' spiralled round my arm, just above my elbow. It may seem the obvious choice, but it is both mine and my Mothers favourite song therefore it seemed appropriate.
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    Moz tattoo

    Re: I know this has been previously discussed, but.. I've checked the link but it won't let me view the picture - the red box will not go away! Is there another way to view it?:(
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    Moz tattoo

    I know this has been previously discussed, but.. I have made my mind up and decided that I will be getting a Morrissey/Smiths tattoo. However, I am in need of ideas - and also where to get it tattood on my body. I was considering 'there is a light that never goes out', however I fear it...
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    What Smith song are you?

    You are GIRL AFRAID, you're kinda quiet and very paranoid. Our conclusion - cheer up ya moody git! ==================== Hmm. Firstly, I am not really quiet. I am quite forward. Also, I do not need cheering up. Load of pish?:)
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    What time has he been coming on stage?

    In Glasgow, he came on stage at 9 and was finished by exactly 10:30pm.
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    Which ROTT song sounds best live?

    Unsure why, but I really enjoyed IJWTSTBH when he played it in Glasgow on Saturday. That was probably my favourite from ROTT. However, I loved Father Who Must Be Killed, when he sang it in April.
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    Glasgow Great - Voice Worries

    Last night was tremendous, as you would expect from Morrissey. He never fails to get the crowd going absolutely bonkers, and also leaving you want that little bit more when you are leaving the gig. Me and my mate turned up at the SECC at 3 o'clock to join the queue, which consisted of around...
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    Moz In Glasgow!!!!

    I'm leaving my house at 1 o'clock, and will arrive in Glasgow around 2. I'll probably pop into a few shops when I reach Glasgow, then make my way to the SECC at 3ish. I'll be wearing my Morrissey t-shirt, feel free to say hello if you see me!:)
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    Just got back from Russell Brand Show!

    Overall, the Russell Brand show was really, really terrible. The only way I would even try to watch that drivel again is if Moz makes another appearance. I felt embarrassed for Courtney Love tonight - she done herself no favours at all. I am willing to bet Morrissey was just wanting to...
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    Moz In Glasgow!!!!

    I will obviously be sporting my Morrissey t-shirt, YATQ. Me and my mate will arrive in Glasgow around 1, I think, then walk around few an hour or so then head out to the SECC. I've planned to meet 'virtually dead' so if anyone else would like to tag-along you're more than welcome.
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    Moz In Glasgow!!!!

    I shall also be there tomorrow. Cannot wait. Anyone going up early to begin queueing?
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