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    Matt Stephens (Global Cycling Network) does short Morrissey impression on bike

    he has a lovely singing voice : ...on a side note in another unwitting homage, this is Matt "crashing down on the crossbar" on a desolate hlllside
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    Possibly unseen photo of Morrissey in Dublin by Conor Horgan, early 1990s

    Myself and my old friend have had many's the sodden night on the town in Dublin. I look forward to seeing him again next week and hope he doesn't mind me sharing some of my personal archival photo footage with you all. Grey Goose & Guinness really does bring him out of his shell...and onto the...
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    "World Peace Is None of Your Business" Reviews

    Re: Reviews: "World Peace..." 3 sets of 8/10's from the part of the Irish Jury: RTE Radio Review : positive 8/10's from both Lauren Murphy and Simon Maher Scan of full HotPress Review : 8/10
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    Irish language TV channel TG4 series "Guth" features Morrissey and Marr

    Go raibh maith agat - I'll ask my housekeeper to purchase a blank VHS tape off eBay so that I can tape it. ( I hear confessions on a Thursday night usually)
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    My old friend - legendary Irish folk singer Christy Moore - invited me to come along to this talk on Morrissey and Fandom in the Irish Film Institute today. An erudite end to one's afternoon...
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    The Culture Show - Not Like Any Other Love - The Smiths

    God bless YouTube
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    Morrissey inspired X-Files theme tune

    Chris Carter talks about giving Mark Snow a copy of How Soon Is Now? and how Morrissey's whistling served as blueprint for the X-Files theme tune! [41.45 onwards]
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    Extra date in Dublin (July 30) and date in Cork (July 27)

    I always consult that site for reliable quotes too.. He stayed for a week in Cork with his mother last time he was there
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    Which of Morrissey's 'old pals' do you think he's collaborated with?

    Though I am an old pal, I can confirm it is not me - no not I - who has collaborated with himself.
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    "Stop Me..." multi-track studio recordings extracted from Rock Band 3

    Multi-Track-Studio-Recordings-of-Stop-Me.... have been provided here : Multi-tracks of ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’ - See also the forum thread started by Gurlejerk where the tracks may have originated from: If you've downloaded this...
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    Morrissey spotted at Squarehead / Spies concert in Dublin

    My old acquaintance had returned to town and so I suggested we shared tea & raspberry roulade in the tastefully appointed Irish Film Centre -which we did, this evening. He joked about many things - as usual - one of which was how he will now never ever now buy another Lexus... "I'd rather be...
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    Morrissey has Goose for Christmas

    Quite saddened to hear of your dim views and bad breath, my son. The value of a good education and fresh breath cannot be underestimated. So, let me help : the only "permission" I seek is from my Archbishop, who proof reads and approves the sermons of all priests in the parish before they...
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    Morrissey has Goose for Christmas

    ..oh and Rose my housekeeper yesterday discovered a package behind the living room sofa... it seems my old acquaintance left a surprise present for during his visit : a draft copy of Vol 1 of his autobiography. I will of course be seeking permission to use passages in future sermons to my...
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    Morrissey has Goose for Christmas

    ...and so it was, I hadn't met my old acquaintance quite some time... It was Christmas Eve, between the newly installed revolving doors of my parish church... a gloved hand : landed on my shoulder, another : covered my eyes. a soft, deep voice : "Still whorin', Father ?" Well...
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