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  • Well cg obviously thought we went to far. Its going to be interesting to see if they get moved or if someone even comment on it.
    I did feel bit dirty when I woke up this morning. And I was sure that someone (most likely me) was going to get shit for our discussion last night.
    happy birthday!

    MOZ is ecstatic after he had received your party invitation for the weekend

    the flowers he bought you as a present..well he decided it looks better stuffed in his backpocket
    he also had practised a dance sequence with johnny for you
    because he did the dance for an hour

    you told him to leave so he did this to allow an extended stay
    Happy birthday!
    gifs+caps created by dicartwright
    used gifs before as bday wish before but use it again if you dont mind.who does mind a stripping mozzer really-hehe?,)
    Haha, I usually do the same - except a lack of finances and the convenience of Spotify are providing quite a barrier to it at the moment! Plus I've discovered a lot of new artists recently, I'm discovering constantly really! Listening to Casanova atm btw, it is pretty good, although I prefer the other two albums I've heard so far!
    Hello there,
    I saw your message in one of the threads here saying you're coming to the open day at manchester uni in july and considering doing a bit of a smiths tour afterwards... was just wondering if that open day has already passed, and if not - if you'd feel like having some company on that tour. :)
    I'm a postgrad student at the university but leaving the country in a couple of weeks, so wanna make sure I see everything before that!
    Hi. Thanks for the acceptance!

    No, still not seen The Reader, but I'm sure I'll get round to it at some point, looks like it;s beautifully shot. A Single Man is next on my list...
    Hey, that youtube link with the guy photographing himself was awesome.
    How are you GWTT?
    Sorry we've not spoke for a while (i've been spending too much free time on facebook lately).
    Not bad thank you.
    Yeah, it actually took me a while to find all my materials as well, my room's a chaos. I'm always making excuses for it saying I've only moved here recently, but it's been almost two years now. Shame! :o
    hey! my pleasure. :) hope you're ok.
    You know, our little talk about painting in 'would I lie to you' thread inspired me to bring around my forgotten hobby. I found all my stuff and have been painting for the whole week. It actually kept me off my studies (very bad!), nevertheless I'm happy now.
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