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    Rank Morrissey's 21st century LPs

    1. Quarry 2. Ringleader 3. Dog 4. Refusal 5. High School 6. World Peace
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    Just listened to I Am Not A Dog On A Chain in full

    What do you think of The Truth About Ruth and Darling, I Hug A Pillow?
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    Alain Whyte - 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' cover

    It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I prefer Alain's voice to Marr's, although obviously neither have a patch on Morrissey.
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    Morrissey Central: "IT'S STARTING" - It's Over cover art & blue vinyl (October 12, 2019)

    It's a shame that it isn't a bit clearer! Thank you for your help though.
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    Morrissey Central: "IT'S STARTING" - It's Over cover art & blue vinyl (October 12, 2019)

    Nice to see the artwork has been improved. Also, whilst we are on the topic of backing vocals/collaborations, did Kirsty MacColl do the backing vocals on I'd Love To? I swear it said she did on her website but I can't find the page and there are no credits on the single for backing vocals as far...
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    Petition: SER & Instagram guy please stop shoving Morrissey's records into pictures of famous people

    Most of them are actually done by this guy on Instagram: Him and SER are like a team, he creates this stuff, then SER sticks them on M Central. They both need to be stopped for the sake of man kind lol Central is bad enough with that nasty gold font
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    Rare and unseen photos thread

    Not seen this before!
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    MozCentral: New Single - "It's Over" / "It Happens Every Time"; "Lady Willpower" scrapped

    Shame that the artwork is so ugly. Not keen on the picture but the green and red makes it even worse. I have to keep in mind though that the "artwork" that appeared on M Central for Back On The Chain Gang was initially pretty bad but the finished product ended up being a slight improvement so...
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    SER: Morrissey / Marilyn print now for sale

    I never heard a grown man use the "so is your face" comeback until now lol
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    Rare and unseen photos thread

    I found this one the other day... I wish there was no watermark!
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    Smiths/Moz songs with the word "home" in them?

    Hairdresser On Fire, Satan Rejected My Soul, That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
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    California Son vinyl issue?

    I have a regular copy and it plays perfectly. What turntable are you using? It could be the antiskate isn't set correctly.
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    "Brow Of My Beloved" - played in full on FB. Listen here

    I love this new song but I hate how some of his best efforts get relegated to B-sides or just never get released!
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    morrissey frink thread!

    Does anyone have a better quality version of this without the watermark?
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