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    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    I wasn't sure what a Gothic Romance was exactly and had to look it up. For my fellow literary philistines, here it is: I'll be interested to learn how the above genre description meshes with Morrissey's note about the book's setting and nature: Also I wonder if the cover image will have...
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    Baby Moz with sister- photo posted by Sam Esty Rayner Photography on Facebook

    Why do people keep trying to photoshop away his hair? It's a conspiracy. Here's the original.
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    Morrissey attends the UK premiere of 'Legend' (Sep. 3, 2015); photos

    Ahh. Fixed it. Had to give him his power back. Best I could do on the coat. Definitely more rock star though. The Austin Powers blue velvet suit and lace cravat would better befit his status as an international man of playboy, but I haven't the skills. Check out amazed chipmunk guy at far...
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    Great bass moments in Morrissey solo songs

    I really like the bass in Let the Right One Slip In. It's fun because it's really melodic and all over the place, up and down, and more prominent than in the background where it often hides. I like it in Certain People I Know. It sounds like a stand-up bass there. It's more fun to picture the...
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    TTY: Morrissey refuses Trinity College Dublin's Gold Medal Award for Contribution to Music award

    That's strange. Why announce it on your all but official website and then publicly decline it? I wonder if the TTY person ever just hears things and posts them independently instead of waiting for him to say something. Like maybe the college made their announcement publicly without telling him...
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    San Diego, CA - North Park Theatre (Aug. 20, 2015) post-show

    Wow, he really does seem to have been in fine pep. That's a different kind of energy than I've seen him sing that song with before. Those are some particularly whippy hand gestures! And what fun to see Let the Right One Slip In. What a feelgood song to sing along to. What a treat it would be...
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    Morrissey on "Larry King Now" (Aug. 17, 2015 - airdate Aug. 19, 2015) - reminder/reports

    Kind of what I was expecting from Larry. "So your name's not Smith? It's Morrissey." "You go with a band? You work as a single?" Sigh. We did get updates on a few topics. It was nice to hear him expound a bit. The shoe exchange was odd. Also a few tasty bits of ammunition for his haters. Nice...
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    TTY: Thank you, New York City - Morrissey on endangered species art lighting up Empire State Buildin

    I value the freedom to speak my opinion here and not have it modded away for being critical of Morrissey, so cheers to that. He says and does more things to invite criticism than a lot of people and even fans are going to call some of these spades spades if they're being objective. There's no...
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    TTY: Thank you, New York City - Morrissey on endangered species art lighting up Empire State Buildin

    Hi everybody. Just wanted to chip in and shit on Morrissey since he has said something and since that's what we do here on this Morrissey fan site anytime he says or does anything, or anytime anybody else says anything about him or anything in his past, present, or future. Seriously, f*** this...
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    TTY: Morrissey to be interviewed by Larry King (Aug. 17. 2015)

    I wasn't talking about David. My experience with him has been the same as yours despite having some differing opinions. What I was talking about was the festering hatred, disdain, scorn, and/or bitterness that is the eventual stain on the conversation here in just about every comment thread...
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    TTY: Morrissey to be interviewed by Larry King (Aug. 17. 2015)

    Nooo please. This place is a toilet full of disease. Please don't remind him. It'll just piss him off. Why would he feel any differently about it when, despite such great resources, it also happens to be the #1 place to shit on him in the entire internet? "Oh, you mean that home to obsessed...
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    TTY: Morrissey to be interviewed by Larry King (Aug. 17. 2015)

    Please everybody submit good questions that strike enough of a balance between "actually interesting" and "stuff larry or his people would actually go for" for them to get picked. I just watched a segment of Larry interviewing Jenna Marbles and her dog and it was awful, as if that guest billing...
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    TTY: Morrissey groped at San Francisco International Airport

    Crotch gropes are none of your businessss You must not resist TSA guards Stand still and meekly take your groping Never ask them what forrrr Oh ohhh You poor coach-class fool Oh ohhh Yooou prole...
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    Alain Whyte and Gary Day reminisce about "Your Arsenal" on Facebook

    I wasn't aware of that. About the only vibe I got about them from various writeups and stuff was that they were overshadowed by the ultra magnified personality of Morrissey and the signature sound and focus on Johnny. Rhythm sections are usually the unsung ones in any band but I hadn't been...
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    Who had the harder life? Morrissey or Johnny?

    I'm not sure how much else Morrissey could tell us about being lost, being frustrated, always being betrayed, not fitting in, not liking people, seeing life as sick and absurd, etc. And even when he's not telling us something like that, we can watch as he tries to interact with the world and...
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