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    Smiths and Morrissey mentioned in interview with David Rawlings and Gillian Welch

    David Rawlings and Gillian Welch during an interview on the Another Country with Ricky Ross radio programme on Radio Scotland where asked what where their favourite Smiths and Morrissey songs based on their involvement in the conversation about Bona Drag on the Ryan Adams album heartbreaker...
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    "The Smiths: Better than the Beatles?" - Salon article, interview with Tony Fletcher

    the smiths had the best of johnny and me, i have not heard that quote before, would have been a better title for the article
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    Johnny Marr in iGuitar magazine - demonstrates HSIN and TCM on his new Jaguar

    really interesting interview, johnny marr as ever seems such a genuine guy, would be worth watching just to hear him describing writing the music for william it was really nothing, please please let me get what i want and how soon is now over one weekend,
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    Morri'Zine creator Nicole Garrison featured in Pop Candy / USA Today

    this is why i keep coming back to this site, great article thanks for posting
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    Dunoon, Scotland - Queens Hall (June 18, 2011) post-show

    just a great gig, the first thirty to forty minutes where as good as it gets in my opinion, the lull during the new songs is understandable, action is my middle name was spot on, everyday is like sunday was a highlight, being in dunoon with the crowd singing along is something that will stay...
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    Morrissey-solo is now MorrisseyLoversUnited

    hey, very funny have just watched the social network on dvd whilst consuming three bottles of pale ale looking forward to the shows in scotland
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    "Asleep" cover by Emily Browning on "Sucker Punch" soundtrack - stream

    emily browning has a nice voice however the music especially towards the end of the song gets a bit too overblown, the song doesnt need this because of the intensity of the lyrics, it is nice to hear smiths songs sung by a female voice as i think it lends a different emotional content,
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    "Why does Morrissey love performing in small venues in provincial towns?" - The List magazine

    i have very fond memories of morrissey playing in my local area in motherwell town hall, although it was more years ago than i care to remember it still means a lot to me that someone who has played such an important part in my life made the effort to come and see us,
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    Johnny Marr at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles

    really cool, he seems such a genuine character
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