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    Suffer Little Children: the story of Morrissey's obsession with the Moors murderers

    I posted this a while back
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    Latest Storytime with Clint Boon podcast - Morrissey interview cancellation story

    Interested to hear Clint Boon relating a story that he once thought for a joke after seeing piles of earth on the moors where workmen had been doing something that him and a few of the Inspiral Carpets would stand on said piles of earth in a crucifixion pose and scare cars going past. He did...
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    São Paulo - Teatro Renault (Nov. 17, 2015) post-show

    Did someone give him a signed copy of Viva Hate back as per the first photo, seems a weird present :-)?
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    "List of the Lost" - Morrissey's novel released (UK - Sep. 24, 2015)

    I've just finished it and got to say whilst hard going at the beginning and he does tend to wander off and waffle about things in more details than strictly necessary by the end I was enjoying it and have to say quite impressed, can see why Moz haters have their pitchforks out for it but people...
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    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 20, 2015) post-show

    Hmm no support, this will be the first Moz gig I've been to where there has not been any support band, seen some decent bands over the years in support, could really start at 20.00 if no support but then being finished by 21.30 would make people complain
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    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 20, 2015) post-show

    Saw no mention of there being a support band, surely there must be one, can anyone confirm there was or there was not one please?
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    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    Gotta say I was surprised by the price being a bit on the high side but it is Moz in a fairly decent venue (each to their own on it, I've seen a few music shows there and some the sounds was great others it was a bit tinny and lost), do wonder how they stop the non standing people from entering...
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    Josie Jones (Big Hard Excellent Fish) has gone

    I always thought it was Margie Clarke who read out the list, nice surprise to read this, sad she has died though
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    Looking for a standing ticket for Moz O2 29/11

    Got one now, see those going tomorrow, hope it is a show to remember
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    Looking for a standing ticket for Moz O2 29/11

    Can probably rock up tomorrow and get one but thought I'd try on here first so someone who has one spare might be able to get rid of theirs, tried on Gumtree but most of them have not bothered to update their ads to say the tickets have gone. PM if you can help please? thanks Bryan
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    Statement on NME case by Morrissey on TrueToYou

    Remember during a gig at Newcastle City Hall, he asked "can I ask you all a question and will you all answer truthfully" (not exact wording as was a long time ago), the crowd roars "Yes" and he pipes up with "Does anyone still read the NME", cue lots of laughter.
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    Hi, Saddening me that Moz and his people have singled out you solely as the one responsible...

    Hi, Saddening me that Moz and his people have singled out you solely as the one responsible for the material on the site. After reading your views on anonymous postings and the arguments over it, I'd certainly consider getting people to register to post comments, not as though it takes any...
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    Morrissey in Trafalgar Sq.

    My boss saw them "littered" along Fleet street and wondered what they were for. Thanks for the answer, seems a strange thing to do but funny all the same.
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    Re-sceduled Brixton Dates: 19, 21 & 22 July 09

    Yay, glad to see they have managed to get them rescheduled quickly, seeing Morrissey on a Sunday will be a first.
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