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    From France

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    Morrissey and TheSmiths

    Hello I listed somes other Morrissey and the Smiths Lp and 12" Morrissey - Suedehead the best of lp x2 NM Morrissey - Greatest Hits 2xlp NM with obi limited...
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    Few 7" and 7" promo French There's a light
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    5 stelle is not far left, it's a populist parti leading by a bad entertainer who just became millionnaire with this trick.
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    The Smiths and others

    few 12" and other music on ebay
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    Few things on ebay Smiths/Moz
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    The outside tour poster question

    unfortunatly no cd..'][/URL]
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    The outside tour poster question

    Hi I have the poster of this tour, is it "rare" ? and the value of it if someone know.. (it's huge one like 90cm - 1.50m) ( 35"-60")
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    before ebay somes rarities

    what's wrong? lol
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    before ebay somes rarities

    Hi Before I put this items on ebay let's go here 7" German Barbarism solid center 10" promo You're the one for me 10" Strangeway and 1rst lp
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    Singles box to sell

    Hi I f some of you are interrested I listed the singles collection 1986-1992 cd box set on ebay with other music lp and 7 (different artists) cheers
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    few things on eBay (no smiths -moz)

    Gene Tindersticks (more to come)
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    is it "rare"?

    always on the market lol
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