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    Ltd edition Roundhouse 21st-27th 2008 poster

    It's a beauty. No. 14 out of 100 Make me an offer.
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    For sale: 1 ticket Lille nov 9th

    Re: For sale: 1 ticket Lille nov 10th Oops, my bad! :blushing: Itis indeed nov 10th!
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    For sale: 1 ticket Lille nov 9th

    Sold Sold :)
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    1 ticket Köln, bitte, please, aub!

    Wondering if anyone's got a ticket for thursday's Cologne gig to spare? Please let me know, will be travelling from Holland that day... GOT IT...THANX ROB!!!!!
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    Panic in Rotterdam!

    Hooooi...hooi...hoi... Dankjewel :o
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    Hahahaha herkenbaar! It ALWAYS gets to me, big time... (and it ALWAYS works out some way or other...but still...)
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    Just one beer? You are kindness in itself:D
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    Jose is the best!:cool:
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    Total unexpected MADNESS! reminds me of Brussels 2006...
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    Re: Rotterdam,Holland gig,6th of June 09 Tickets were sold out at 10 o'clock sharp!:mad: Needless to say I missed out...
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    Which musicians share your birthday

    1899, Born on this day, Duke Ellington, composer, bandleader, pianist, died 24th May 1974. 1981, Born on this day, Tom Smith, bass guitarist, Editors, (2007 UK No.1 album album 'An End Has A Start'). 1993, Guitarist, producer, Mick Ronson died of cancer. Ronson recorded and toured with...
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    Dutch dept store selling "Everyday is like Sunday" shirts

    I was in the HEMA (dutch dept store) yesterday and to my surprise I saw they sold these really happy green/pinkish shirts stating "everyday is like sunday" :eek: Given the colourful appearance, I don't think they rate sundays like Morrissey does... Forgot to take a picture...
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    just got an mail froms seetixs-gig has been canceled

    Re: Tonight's gig is not officially cancelled...yet josé just texted me from london...tonight and tomorrow cancelled:(
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    the official what london show are you going to poll

    Monday! Decided to be moderate this time, just the one. Would have loved to go to all of them though... But I'm confident other Eurodates will follow.
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