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    If there really is an impending legal wrangle, then maybe M has been advised to say nothing until that is over. Just a thought.
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    Liverpool, one week on feelings

    I hope so. In my opinion he had to make a stand and show zero tolerance of this sort of crap. Otherwise one day some nutter might throw a missile that does him some real damage.
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    It was officially announced last week that he would not be rescheduling it.
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    Why wasn't Bournemouth rescheduled then? I was gutted. I live in Manchester and had booked a weekend in Bournemouth with my family for that one. I would have travelled back too if he'd rescheduled. I can't tell you how disappointed i was. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks. It was...
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    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    He's obviously very poorly and i just hope it proves to be some sort of treatable common virus that has laid him low.
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon I suspect the 'morphine' comment at Birmingham was Morrissey's usual wry humour. I don't think anyone could do a gig under the inluence of morphine. Hopefully the fella is just suffering from a virus and didn't want to let his fans down.
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon It is saying on the BBC News website that he had breathing difficulties and was unconscious. Thankfully though it also says his condition is now 'stable' after his admition to hospital.
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    Why reform the Smiths? Just add Marr!

    I think you miss the point. The fans of bands who reform shouldn't live in the past and expect those bands to be exactly the same as they once were. If they do they'll always be mighty disappointed. Instead they should appreciate that band for what they offer now, a few years older and wiser...
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    Why reform the Smiths? Just add Marr!

    I think everybody recognises that we will never see all four Smiths on the same stage ever again. But i think there is still an outside chance that Morrissey and Marr might one day perform. Even that is highly unlikely though. No point in dwelling on it really. Let's just enjoy what...
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    Morrissey's attitude to women?

    I don't think we need to stick labels on people. Morrissey just appears to me to be an astute and fair minded person who recognises inequalities in many aspects of society and often uses his celebrity to speak up for the oppressed whether they be people or animals.
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    (1988) Viva Hate - your thoughts?

    Fine album. Some great tracks, (apart from Margaret on the Guillotine.) It proved a lot of doubters wrong and showed he could hack it as a solo artist.
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    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    and the way he chews his food rips right through your senses
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    You Know What? (Into the black cloud)

    And the prize for the best response to this strange, (but i suspect tongue in cheek,) tirade, goes to CrookedLittleVein. Made me laugh out loud, thank you. :D
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    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    a death for no reason and death for reason is MURDER
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    Moz lyrics that baffle you

    I see. (I think.) :lbf:
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