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  • Man, I'm striking out on Swedish bands. I'll have to check out Broder Daniel.

    thanks for the info on Kent, I'll start looking. Thanks for the link too, all I could ever find was stuff on EIL, which I wasn't going to pay for.
    if you can find any of their LPs for a reasonable price, i'd love to have them. (minus "Tillbaka Till Samtiden".. or something like that, which was their last release.)

    heard of Tiger Lou?
    Curious if you're into the band Kent at all.
    It's tough being a Kent fan here in the US. I can't find any of their releases.
    no i havent....thnks..
    im also very fond of katharine hepburn..just read scott bergs (book) account of his friendship witht he great lady again (he also get into detail of the MJ/katharine meeting..
    there is one line from the book what kate said i remember and kind of relate to:
    i quote
    something along the lines "that everybody`s life is though only those whop tend to argue with it..are those to become their victims"
    smart woman she was.

    ihave been into these actors/actresses of these times since i was a child..these b/w filmworld did suck me in and i never make it out;-)
    wow very nice of you-thnks..the computer (libary) iam using 97 % of the time has no soundcard but i will soon visit a internetcafe to get/hear a glimpse...

    she was a special woman . enterely her own. they dont "make" people/actors like them anymore
    thnks..i adore her...so this might be interesting...
    so how would you its pop music (electric acoustic?)
    or spoken word then?
    how much did you pay for the bette davis lp if its okay to, ask..what does the music sounds like beside the buffy sainte marie song?
    hmmm i want to see the video you linked but it says no longer available... I will check later or look it up elsewhere... thanks and cheers!
    I thought it was cool that Liz Thorson who wrote EARTH SONG for Mary Hopkin wrote to me today about my video slideshow of the song on youtube.

    Hello Suparni,

    I am Liz Thorsen (my maiden name) and I am the writer of Earth Song. Thank you for pairing it with your beautiful photographs. I felt as if you must have been touched by the song in the way that I was when I wrote it. Thank you for your work. I am so glad that this song continues to serve and inspire people. Touched also by the story of the military funeral in the comment. I didn't know.

    kind regards,

    Hi Mikael
    thanks again for your generosity. I am still looking out for that HMV cd for you. Viva MOZ. Lori x
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