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  • I have one i got from the same man about 2 years ago, similar to the pink shirted one, but in blue with different flowers, apart from that, exactly the same

    i'm going to buy these two, aswell, they're like the coolest ornements ever!! lol
    Hello, MindlessRuffian. Good day to discuss pork roll, ain't it? I live in Clifton, which is next to Paterson, about 10 mi from New York City.
    I so just posted about you what you just asked haha. Haven't heard any of it. I'm mad poor at the moment and couldn't justify spending 14+ bucks at best buy just to get the full version with the extra 4 tracks. Which did you get? I'm glad to hear they are back though, DU became a coaster shortly after I bought it :( P.s. nice profile pic haha
    (hello down there, teef!)

    bb, I thought of you today in my AP government class. (how creepy is that? ;)) we were discussing political ideologies and I think you sound like a libertarian more than an actual conservative, cos I don't think you're "socially conservative", are you?

    the end
    I was doing some anonymous reading. :) New tactic to scare off trolls!!!!!!!
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