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  • hahaha, pilates is yoga's younger sibling. ;)

    i took this class last year at a gym that i had a free membership to cos it seemed fun but after the second week, i was told not to come back. apparently i signed up for "advanced" pilates. :p lame-oz. i should have taken the senior citizen aerobic class.
    glad to see you changed your mind and went to the show last night! Got to meet morrisseychic and hung out on the left side upper level, could see Moz real good, I could taste him hmmmm!Bcnya Kar
    Thanks Terance
    I will be in Boston 2nd May - 16th May
    Maybe it is time for me to check out a real game of baseball rather than Scranton v another small town;)
    Let me know if the Red Sox are playing at home during that time and I'll see if snowfallsoon wants to have an all day / night bender on Sam Addams!!
    I hope to be moving to Massachusettes by the end of the year, but keep that to yourself for now!
    Pissed off I cant make the Boston gig in two weeks time. Really wanted to go but couldnt justify the cost for a 2 night trip
    Best wishes
    How OLD are you anyways? Past Moz?! i.e b4 or after 1959 born?! Just wondering... You've seen him on EVERY tour? Even Kill Uncle? Ha! Ha! I was going to be 12 then, lol summer of '91 and had never even heard of him nor the Smiths b4 :( This will only be my 4th concert of his but I am so looking forward to it espec since he seems to be ok now :D voice-wise. Was getting a bit worried for a while there...Thanx for writing me back...finally! lmao-take care, Karrie
    Oye! terence thanx for including the link/website addy for me regarding the ok now I see it, very obvious Hitler-kitty look-a-likes!That is pretty funny! We get quite a few 'kitlers' at the shelter I work at! Thanx again for telling me! ---Karrie See ya at the HOB?!
    Hey terence..:) Great to see you around. I have been using the computers in the public library so i don't get much time online. It's not me that i'm worried for, i just know that people are suffering because i am not around so much..lol!

    I am doing okay and i hope you are too? I hope life is treating you well and that the new album is to your liking.

    And say hello to you know who for me..:)

    Yours, Alasdair.
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