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    Symbolic Stuff Nobody Gives a Crap About

    Re: Symbolic Stuff Nobody Give a Crap About Crystal Geezer is alright. Its me you should be directing to your local shrink. I've just about had enough of this torture i call life. I cant handle it anymore. I probably wont kill myself or anyone else so don't worry (like you would anyway) but i...
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    Symbolic Stuff Nobody Gives a Crap About

    Who else thinks this song is about Jesus?
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    Girls with tattoos

    Tattoos do provide that filter. You will never see a person with tattoos be best buddies with someone who thinks that tattoos are ugly, or tasteless or stupid. As soon as the one finds out the other doesn't like their ink there is a lot of ambivalence.
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    Girls with tattoos

    Ah you know sometimes I see a tatted up woman and I think to myself that it is very sexy, but most of the time there is nothing beyond that flimsy image created by all the ink. The ink is the person, there is actually nothing else of substance there. So I don't really fall for it. And then there...
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    The f*** My Life Thread

    So I had a substantial spiritual awakening that lasted a week, I knew I had to use all the resources I had to stay away from negative influences and focus on staying away from drink. I decided this morning to buy a pack of beers and now I wonder "WHY DID I WANT TO FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN?" I was...
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    that is fantastic lol
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    Symbolic Stuff Nobody Gives a Crap About

    so i have been having all these dreams lately, mostly reminding me of lost potential and how i need to breakthrough and live again. i imagine that i must start a training program, to return to the ring, as the long suffering, all but forgotten fighter. amidst the rumors, the murmuring and...
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    Symbolic Stuff Nobody Gives a Crap About

    this is teh only place on the net i can post freely, start making a little bit of sense plz everyone
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    Don't worry about any of that my friend. Every man has a window as long as he is making money. I'm in the same type of mess you are, only much worse. Don't despair.
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    Oh I see the Pigsty has evolved into a Jezebel comments section or perhaps a neo-penthouse forum. thats nice....
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    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    Again, so lucky to have seen the Moz live. He put on a hell of a show in Lincoln NE. I don't blame him for not ever wanting to see this cornfield again. Some people just don't know what he's about, and they never will. I love Morrissey, and on a personal note, I hope you get better buddy. Love...
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    Atlantic City postponed to June 22

    This is why I'm pleased he even bothered to stop in Lincoln even though he would just end up not enjoying the experience. He stopped by and gave us the full experience of Morrissey on Tour. The drama is part of the experience. The cancellations and inconveniences are part of the experience. I...
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    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (May 28, 2014) post-show

    this rendition of How Soon Is Now is excellent
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    Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall (May 24, 2014) post-show

    This is the kind of thing Lincoln, NE could have used my friend.
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