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    Morrissey interview in La Tercera (Chile, in Spanish)

    I just copied and paste from Bing(yea it's not too good). Did you know something of the Festival de Viña? What about being in an event of this style? No, but I do not need any explanation or greater incentives to return to Chile. If I could, he played in every village and every town in the...
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    New Zealand scrapped due to poor offers from local promoters; Brazil update -

    I bet if any of those "poor offers" in NZ was the best he got in the likes of Mexico he'd have accepted :/
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    Morrissey libel trial given the go-ahead

    Lol you f***ing idiot, you think thats the only abuse people get XD, get a grip, Do you honestly think thats the reason for all racism? :lbf: what race is it your refering to exactly?
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    Morrissey NME libel case from 2007 hearing - decision for a trial expected "within weeks"

    To be fair Morrissey is quite hypocritcal on his views, his parents were immigrants.
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    Noel Gallagher reflects on meeting Morrissey before an Oasis concert in Los Angeles

    This about morrissey was posted absolutely ages ago to this sight, like last year or something.
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    Mike Joyce presenting 2 hour radio special on The Smiths (Oct 13)

    Yea, what he did was f***ed up there, what was he thinking!
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    Morrissey interview by Ryan Dooley (All The Young) in Clash

    why people were rioting, that question was raised many times through media; i would actually like to ask morrissey what he would see was an acceptable reason for certain rioters to be vitimizing, burning down buildings, injurying people they don't even know? If one of them say burnt down his...
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    Morrisseysworld.blogspot -

    reading some of the blog it doesn't sound like things Moz would write.
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    Pete Paphides tweets that he turned down interviewing Morrissey this year

    Maybe he heard the O' Leary interview, and didn't like his attitude that was what brought that comment on, like the interview he says he doesn't like seeing/meeting people including interviewers. even though Morrissey has always said that.
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    Morrissey on Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2 (Apr. 30, 2011, 3pm)

    the stunners, i remember then they were really bad lol.
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    MOZ/ Dermot picture on Radio2 website

    some pink floyd fans do just rate, but i was not thinking in some selfrighteous way when i said he wasn't a musician, stop taking it as a insult. and to be fair it is a common thing for a morrissey fan to rate other artist all the time, and morrissey himself. one rule for talking about...
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    "Glamorous Glue" enters at #69 in UK singles chart

    It's Vernon Kay your talking about, thats the only presenter i can think of who has a bolton accent, who is stretched out how ever you want to call it. host All Star Family Fortunes.
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    "The Royal Family are benefit scroungers" - BBC Radio interview excerpts

    The point being is that the royals are benefit scroungers yet still feel there above the rest of the country, expected to be bowed down to, just simple fascism.
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