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    The No.1 in the charts campaign

    Yeah people trying to make money off the back of Morrissey. It's disgusting isn't it...
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    Moz GPS - What would it say?

    Turn left, 'there are some bad people on the right'.
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    What exactly did Morrissey say about Michael Jackson?

    Re: hmmmm Surely he is slagging off the people who print up these t-shirts at the instance a pop-star dies. Or am i being stooopid
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    Supporting Morrissey

    Supporting bands are all part and parcel of live music. I like being exposed to new music.
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    Something really strange on ITV news

    it's a pretty common analogy so probably just coincidence
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    When you first became a fan.....

    Just popping down to happy shopper for some ketchup.
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    When you first became a fan.....

    The Smiths i've been following the smiths since november 1981
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    How old is Morrissey?

    so what if they are. maybe some people who come on hear aren't fans at all. But they don;t need you attacking them and measuring their levels of fandom.
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    Why Morrissey must start releasing albums in January

    I never said that it ever held any merit.
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    Why Morrissey must start releasing albums in January

    Do you really think he is that bothered. I mean part of him must feel bothered, even if it a sub-concious thought. But today, being number 1 really isn't the achievement it once was. It's not like there is anything that groundbreaking to compete against.
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    What do you think of the new version of This Charming Man?

    I think it is good, glad he hasn't tried to cover himself as a 24 year old. The older version has a sound that sounded natural then, but would sound forced if he tried to recreate it now.
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    Cringeworthy Morrissey lyrics

    Those lines are genius, funny, clever and a great use of language
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    "Paris" midweek - top 20

    Springsteen is past it, really just not relevant anymore. That's if he ever was, i really don't know what people see in his music.
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    "Paris" midweek - top 20

    Not even all hmv stores stock singles now!
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    I'm upset with England right now.

    Would i just be stirring things up if i blamed the WHOLE thing on the influence of American culture which has become so widespread in some urban areas of England...
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