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    Let's get Margaret on the Guillotine on the charts

    So I know that Rage Against The Machine fans managed to get KILLING IN THE NAME on the charts and it inspired some people on the forums here to get Morrissey back on the charts. I know the attempt was made but unsuccessful. I saw on NME that people were making an effort to get Ding Dong the...
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    Favourite Post-Wilderness Single (excluding EILS re-issue)?

    I voted for In The Future When All's Well because the lyrics are so boastful and poignant. The more and more I think of it, I really enjoyed You Have Killed Me because I remember several instances when he names off "Luca Toni", "Del Piero" and "Cannavaro" in the lyrics. Fantastic footballers. A...
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    Morrissey turns 53 - May 22, 2012

    Happy Birthday Morrissey, we all love you and thank you for what you've brought to our lives.
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    Looking to buy Kill uncle shirt and Morrissey Swords scarf

    Looking to buy Morrissey Kill Uncle shirt I would like to purchase a shirt with the Kill Uncle artwork. I am a size small. (pit to pit 20") If you have "My Love Life" or "Pregnant For The Last Time" artwork would be cool too. If not the Kill Uncle, then the promo shot with Morrissey and a...
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    Looking to buy Kill uncle shirt and Morrissey Swords scarf

    If anyone has a Morrissey Swords scarf in either color (West Ham style claret and blue OR black and grey) then please write back or PM.
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    Does anyone else see Morrissey as two, or perhaps even three, different men?

    according to the man himself, he is "two people"... "I am two people One you know But don't like The other one You don't know But you don't want to "
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    Preston has to hand it to Morrissey

    Don't know much about Preston? Check out a fantastic single he released post Ordinary Boys: Dressed To Kill. A shame he didn't follow it up with an album. The single even received high marks in the NME but sadly didn't chart well.
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    Morrissey's Supreme 13 Singles

    Wait, no "Mr. Blobby"? I have to say, I'm rather surprised.
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    Best Morrissey interview ever!

    "Morrissey, it's massive and it's throbbing!" That's what she said!
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    My Blackberry doesn't recognize 'Morrissey' as a word. WTF!?
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    Re-release of Everyday Is Like Sunday as single bundle?

    Wow this is great news. Great research Stefan. I'm looking forward to perhaps new artwork and I'm sure it will all look and feel good this time, seeing as how Morrissey is participating.
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    Southpaw Grammar 2009: Digipack?

    So I know that the reissue of Maladjusted came in a digipack book style format and I was wondering if Southpaw Grammar came in such packaging. I often see "Legacy Edition" versions but this is online, and they have nothing but stock photos of the album sleeve. Any help?
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    Bad picture quality on official recordings?

    I've been noticing a pattern recently on Morrissey's official recordings: the bad picture quality. Take a look at the recent expanded and redesigned editions of Southpaw Grammer and Maladjusted. The pictures look like those of amateurs. The same applies to the Swords compilation. The picture of...
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    Your Favorite Morrissey Souvenir

    This shirt was given to me as a present when I was 13 years old. I've had it for over ten years now. I truly cherish it.
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