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    Brighton Morrissey and Smiths night 24th May

    From the people who brought you I Lost My Bag in Newport Pagnell... in Newport Pagnell... A Brighton Smiths and Morrissey Night! Friday 24th May, 9.30pm, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, £4 entry A night dedicated exclusively to the music of The Smiths and Morrissey, featuring a Smiths tribute...
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    WANTED! 2011 tour t shirts

    Hi everyone, Really regretting not buying one of the 2011 t shirts at Hop Farm. If anyone has a link other than ebay which features the t shirts on sale I'd love to know. In particular I liked the cat one and the barber shop one. Anyone have any info? Cheers Lucia
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    There Is A Light, monthly Moz-esque night in Milton Keynes!

    Dear Morrissey fans, There Is A Light is a monthly eclectic alternative night based in Milton Keynes. Our next night, on the 20th May, is two days before Moz's birthday and we will be making an extra effort to fill the Slug and Lettuce venue with Smiths and solo favourites. If HMV won't stock...
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    I Lost My Bag in Newport Pagnell...3! Moz and Smiths Karaoke & DJs...

    Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know about our third 'I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell' in...Newport Pagnell! Where: The Cannon - Newport Pagnell High Street - Off the M1 -...
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    Advice on how to get The Smiths instrumental versions? Hi there Hopefully someone can help me. I was wondering where I could get The Smiths or Morrissey instrumental versions. For example, an instrumental of Still Ill or of Everyday is Like Sunday. It might be used for something like...
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    I'm Scared....

    me too! it was most un-nerving...
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    4 Poofs and a Piano do 'Last of the famous...'

    On Jonathan Ross this evening, was quite humerous
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    A reminder: "I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell" Sat 16th Feb!

    To everyone who attended last night! Thanks for making it an absolutely wonderful evening, we had a great time and hope you did too. Thanks especially to The Great Holm Ruffians, and Ellie who kindly bid £26 for Morrissey's new double vinyl, all going to WIllen Hospice. If anyone has...
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    Morrissey on Jools Holland - Audio

    Re: Does anyone have new songs Mama/Squeezing Skull? That is if they are available yet, of course! X
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    Morrissey on Jools Holland - Audio

    Does anyone have new songs Mama/Squeezing Skull? Needed quite soon, if anyone has a link it would be much appreciated Thank you Lucia x
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    A reminder: "I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell" Sat 16th Feb!

    UPDATE! There will be a charity auction held for the double vinyl edition of the new Morrissey Greatest Hits! Hopefully see some of you there Love lucia
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    Does being vegetarian mean you are a better Morrissey fan

    Does being Jewish make you a better Woody Allen fan? No. I think the same applies here.
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    Nick Cave announces tour dates

    It will be fantastic to see him. In the meantime enjoy Dig!
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