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  • Yes, he will hopefully, and probably, have no problem finding a new ticket for Grimsby so you will get to keep yours for York. I'm really disappointed that I only will get to see him once this summer though. But I will lick my wounds seeing Belle and Sebastian in München tomorrow. Btw, who's in your Profile Picture? Is it Marlene Dietrich?
    Hi Sistashelia,yes i'm on the other site as well as Lauren.Do you have the same name on that site?
    Yes- I had a friend on duty at her computer at 9 sharp as I was at college, and she managed to get us standing tickets for York, which was a relief as it sold out so quickly? Did you manage to get any?
    Well i know what i want to do. I want to write, i'm just not sure how to go about it.
    I think Bob is traveling overnight with the bus, leaving Inverness right after the gig so the bus would be in Glasgow in the morning. The bus would be longer, i couldn't say how long as i have never been to Inverness.
    I've been keeply quiet recently. I didn't get into Uni so i'm working now.
    I cna't wait for June, i am getting stressed out about getting tickets though. I'm looking forward to the Ferry. Shall be a novel experience.
    Are you getting VivaBob's bus down to Dunoon?
    Aw, thank you. She's my mum's cat but I look after her when she's on holiday. She's completely mad (the cat, not my mother) but very sweet. :)
    Thanks a bunch! Going to see the Joe Jackson trio in Brussels this week, so I'm gonna have to skip neubauten this time though :(
    I love Einstürzende Neubauten actually! Didn't see the post :) Don't know the other band, will check it out, thanks!
    You're so welcome! I'm so glad the download worked! Please do feel free to post it--I'm sure I got it from here anyway. :)
    Hi, sistasheila! Thanks for the welcome! :)

    I do have the pic, yes. It's a lovely one, isn't it? Not sure who took it or when/where. . . .

    You should be able to download it from here, but let me know if there's a problem.

    I just saw your message after a million days!!! Yeap, it's my photo on the avatar. I thought of putting another one, but I decided to put one of myself for a change. Nobody does it, why? Do you have a pic of yourself?
    Do you remember a couple years ago when you posted that you'd read an interview in Spex in which Morrissey said he'd found the voices at the beginning of "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday" by just switching on a radio and recorded whatever came through? Did you ever turn up the article or the exact quote? Or do you know how I could find it?
    (Also, did you ever learn where the "just like me" sample came from?)
    Thanks! Sorry to bother out of the blue!
    I don't think that was me, but I've read on here that he did partially soundcheck it once. I don't know what gig it was, either. I'd like to hear it myself.
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