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    If you haven't sold the book yet I'd be happy to buy it... maybe via eBay if possible?
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    Do you find Julia shaggable?

    Who the hell "moved" this stupid thread instead of deleting it right away? :mad:
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    Poll - Should user mike joyce be banned?

    :D Good point. The tendency to start polls like "Honk if you hate this person too" really pisses me off. We have this mike joyce-thing here and in Off-topic there's one asking if Belligerent Ghoul's polls suck... and it's obvious that it's not about what mike or bg post at all. The question...
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    ‘Pigsty’ has won the downloading vote (please read)

    I think we should stick with Pigsty as well. First of all that's what most of us chose. Then there is this Joyce-issue... and last but not least I truly believe that getting Pigsty some airplay would make Morrissey extremely happy because he's very proud of the song.
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    Poll - Should user mike joyce be banned?

    No... but maybe whoever posts in General Discussion whilst being as off-topic as possible :D Seriously: I think you should stop herassing mike. It's just unfair considering what other users are allowed to post without being widely attacked. Dah.
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    Dont go for National Front Disco in download poll(+ how many downloads you'll need)

    Re: Dont go for National Front Disco in download poll(+ how many downloads you'll nee I was thinking the same when I took a look at the votings so far. But then again it's democracy... Besides: "The never-played symphonies" would be a good pick because... well, you know what I mean. It's funny.
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    Will Math Tinder ever come back to Morrissey-solo?

    I hope so! I miss her avatar so much... and her posts of course. That being said you can keep on talking about your sexlives :D
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    News reports of Morrissey to write Eurovision song

    No you're wrong. I don't know how anybody could possibly sign those idiots but the last German contestants all had a deal. In fact (but maybe that's just us) you have to be in the charts (Top 50 I guess) to take part. But who cares? If Mozza wants to do this they'll definitely find a way to get...
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    News reports of Morrissey to write Eurovision song

    That's so not true! First of all I love England and everybody hates us (the Germans), second of all neither France nor Italy, the UK or Germany will ever win again because there are so many small countries in eastern Europe who vote for eachother. That's so boring. We could possibly stand a...
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    News reports of Morrissey to write Eurovision song

    Such a great opportunity to shock my grandparents: "Look granny, this is the man I'd like to marry one day!" "Whaaaat? I don't know him and he cannot sing!!!" "Well, he's a renowned pia-nist. M-o-r-r-i-s-s-ey!" "????":D I pray to god he does this. I'd laugh myself to tears for...
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    morrissey frink thread!

    Dito! I can't help but watch it over and over and over and over and over... again. If I could have a free ice cream as well I'd be enjoying life for the first time. I'm not joking. :eek: Vanilla please! Should we start a self-help group mozmic?:D
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    I read an interview with Boz (sorry, I don't remember anything but what I'm going to type right now) where he said that when on tour, the band doesn't eat meat even if Moz is not around. He said to him it's got something to do with respect and all that. So Boz definitely eats meat... but I love...
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    hi i'

    :D You're funny. Welcome to the board! And please don't care about what we "usually do" here because most of us are a bit insane. Or better said: only some are - but they post a looooot :) Cheers Sonar
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    WTF is This

    Oh, of course :o Thanks Grim! I guess atheism is not an excuse for stupidity, right?:)
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    Is Kanye West a racist?

    Yeah, what has he done?
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