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    What are your top 10 favorite male singers?

    No particular order: -Morrissey (Shocking) -David Tibet (An acquired taste, for sure. But I've learned to love his horrible talk-singing) -Marc Bolan -David Surkamp (Also and acquired taste. I don't know why I like effete, girly-voiced and nasally singers so much. First time I put that record...
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    What are your top 10 favorite female singers?

    No particular order: -Kate Bush -Elizabeth Fraser -Caroline Crawley (R.I.P.) -Nina Hagen (early works) -Rose McDowall (even though she can't really sing) -Nico -Claudia Brücken (in Propaganda) -Lorita Grahame (Colourbox) -Jarboe -Lydia Lunch (in Teenage Jesus & the Jerks. I really like her...
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    Don't you people ever get tired of this?

    I don't get tired of discussing minutiae, no. I just get tired of many of the people involved in the discussions.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I should say not. Anyway, can't help but laugh at the idea of "having a problem" with Iggy Pop if he didn't like Morrissey. "What a relieve" that he wasn't dissing him. Otherwise, we'd have a f***ing problem. Welcome to high school, where shit like that matters.
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    Morrissey Harrington jacket now at Mporium

    Cut that inner label off and I'll buy it as a patch for $6 PPD. Everything else sucks. The jacket's dull, not to mention laughably expensive, and the pocket embroidery is just cheesy.
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    It's Hard to Walk Tall

    It's a good song, and it would certainly be a better replacement for AINTW, which seems more about parading a lot of pandering, low-hang fruit political notions that appeal to university students than actually being a good song (musically or otherwise). The thing is, AINTW deals with a...
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    Phil Anselmo - Nazi scum

    I don't even like Phil Anselmo, but there is literally 0 context provided for this clip. More importantly, I don't see why anyone should care about this anyway (especially here. I'm sure there's just loads of Pantera fans on solo). I'll start getting all worked up about the dumb shit Phil...
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    10 year anniversary of Ringleader Of The Tormentors

    +1... While I don't always think those moments where he loses control of his voice are "technically" good, the sense that he's overcome to the point that his voice starts to fall apart are made that much more affecting because of it. Good music is as much about feeling as it is melody. And ROTT...
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    "6 songs that make people cry and the reasons why" includes "There Is A Light..." - BBC

    Is anyone else sick to death of listening to a bunch of dads act all mawkish and sentimental in these dime-a-dozen articles/click bait pieces on The Smiths? I can't help but cringe when they wax nostalgic about how they heard "There Is a Light" and it "really spoke me as a lad in...
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    Top 20 post Maladjusted tracks?

    In alphabetical order, because I'm not patient enough to rank them: All You Need Is Me Art-Hounds Children in Pieces Forgive Someone Good Looking Man About Town I Like You I'm Not Sorry I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris In the Future When All's Well Istanbul Julie in the Weeds Kiss Me a Lot...
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    WPINOYB should have been called Art-Hounds and had the title track serve as a bonus/leftover instead.
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    Henry Rollins: "Morrissey is no longer on my kill list" - The Guardian

    No sense in asking, you wouldn't know a laugh if it kicked you in the teeth.
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