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    Post your Morrissey Autographs

    Is this one fake? Those Rs look quite odd to me:
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    You Should Have Been Nice To Me - Chords Request

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    Introducing Morrissey DVD Conversion

    Well, not to be disrespectful, but I didn't like the quality of that avi at all. It's not your fault, the tape is clearly too old. The sound is great, though.
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    You Should Have Been Nice To Me - Chords Request

    Beautiful. Thank you, very very much. I wasn't expecting such a fast answer, that was very kind. Sounds great! Ready to record this work of art.
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    You Should Have Been Nice To Me - Chords Request

    Could anybody help me with the chords of this song? I'm not a very good guitar player but I really need to sing this to somebody. Thanks in advance!
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    Moz lookalikes

    Fabian Hinrichs I saw this guy on that german movie about Sophie Scholl. What do you think?
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    New Blog on Morrissey's Myspace

    "This profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience!"
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    ‘Paris’ first single from New Album?

    Paris' riff makes me think about Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)"...
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    Yeah! It's me! :) Liked it? M.

    Yeah! It's me! :) Liked it? M.
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    'My Dearest Love' Discussion...

    So true, he really did a great job and made them sound more... original.
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    My Dearest Love :)

    My Dearest Love sounds great. I really love this song, Santaolalla's production is pretty neat. I also love the Bowie cover, but at least the rip I got is not of a very good quality, kind of distorted... Typical vinyl to digital distortion, though this doesn't happen with My Dearest Love...
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    'Children In Pieces' Discussion...

    :p That's why nobody's bashing Finn. I think it sounds great, not so pro-toolesque... Finn is a pro-toolesque producer. But I just heard the song on youtube, so... I need the real thing!!! c'mon c'mon c'mon.
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    2nd favourite band?

    The Smashing Pumpkins
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    Favourite single track from each of the 8 studio albums

    Viva Hate - Bengali In Platforms Kill Uncle - King Leer Your Arsenal - Certain People I Know Vauxhall and I - Now My Heart Is Full Southpaw Grammar - The Operation Maladjusted - Trouble Loves Me You are the Quarry - First Of The Gang To Die Ringleader of the Tormentors - You Have...
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