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  • I'm OK, very bored and very hot (that's not innuendo...), but OK. You can always stay at mine if you need to, my mum said you can, we wouldn't just leave you stranded in Manchester! How is your day going?
    yes, i keep an eye out for faked titted ladies who limp towards me in bars!

    Vyvyan: Vyvyan, Vyvyan, Vyvyan. Honestly, whenever anything explodes in this house it's always 'Blame Vyvyan'.
    well, it isn't the first time. but I haven't attracted any one legged gold diggers!
    "yes, like your LULU and Dave Clark Five"
    Yesterday, someone said i looked like a young Paul McCartney! But I am not young......well younger then macka thou! I thought, i better let you know, it's all very important in the scheme of things.
    Hahah. It's true, though. When are you going to need to work out x+y(2x-5y) = 27xy in real life?! The ruling classes don't make life THAT complicated for us.. ;)
    I hate maths anyway. So it doesn't matter. Bad luck about English though. I had to write an essay about The Tempest..
    Awwh, poor you. I just finished my (not even important) SATs tests. I'm ashamed to say I didn't write SMASH THE STATE all over my papers ;). I did write out Smiths lyrics in the answer boxes for the maths questions I didn't know....there were quite a lot of empty boxes... :rolleyes:
    He's some stupid boy in my class. I was on this site in ICT at school, and he thought it would be hilarious to sign up here and abuse everyone and try and get me banned...he hasn't even heard of Morrissey. Anyway, yeah, I'm okay. You? :]
    I've been mourning the loss of my Net and trying to get it sorted out :(
    Doing my AS-levels at the moment, English Lit on Friday and then a 2-week reprieve before History, RE and English Language :o I'm nervous but it should go ok.. I'm predicted AAAB :D are you okay my friend??
    thank you very much for that painting virtie!:) I'm totally confused about "new" solo yet, so I dunno how to do things really. :o
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