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  • He looks really serene and cute. I don't belive he can be! Is he Libra or Scorpio?

    I will be away soon so you will have to survive the weekend without me....:) I hope you have a good one and make sure the wee man grows up supporting Rangers and listening to Morrissey...:)

    Lots of love,
    Is it a new arrival? Nice to see auntie Virtie pulling her weight in the baby-sitting department. Not really anything exciting hun, it's more in the sense of nothing much tio get sressed about, which is a relief when you worry too much, as you will probably know.

    I hope your course is going well and that you are fighting fit and happy!!!
    Hey you. How is life treating you?

    I am staying at a new place in Edinburgh so i feel much more settled now and possibly even....whisper it.....happy...:)

    I hope you are doing well?
    I think you probably should, I have a crap immune system, I've had so many colds I've developed a tolerance for night nurse. If it still works on you, try it, it's good. :p
    Hello! I feel guilty now, not being here to accept your flowers.I'd give you some back, but I don't know the smiley thing, so you'll have to settle for a :)
    i bloody did see it i just never knew it was claires , i only realised when i saw the video i posted on your myspace
    He's absolutely brilliant and always has been. It's nice to see him healthy and in demand. :)

    If you haven't seem them yet, you should watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Tropic Thunder next. :p

    What I love about him in Tropic Thunder is that he steals every scene he's in, even when he's just standing in the background. He's so incredibly subtle about it. How many actors can get away with a role like that? An American pretending to be an Australian in blackface to portray a black man? Brilliant. :D
    So you'll meet me at the station? Because otherwise I will get hopelessly lost :p I wish you had MSN! Maybe I'll finish the cleaning up I started yesterday, throw away my little collection of used cider cans, it makes me look like an alcoholic
    We can give it a go, it's a nice song. :) There's a train that gets in at 11:49, is that alright for you or would you rather earlier/later?
    Hello again, stil alive? I've been thinking, because it's half term, St. Helens might be better on Tuesday than Monday (more guarantee of people being there :p) so maybe we should busk on Tuesday and do the shopping on Monday? Unless you'd rather stick with the original plan?
    :p don't worry, according to the BBC it's going to be rainy tomorrow and tuesday, might still be a bit warm for you though. Anyway, my mum's up, I'm going to wash my hair, text me when you know about the train times and stuff for tomorrow x
    Yeah, we can just stick to the original plan, it's more likely that places will be open, they're usually open on Sundays I think, just that they probably close earlier, and getting the guitar to Manchester is too difficult to be bothered with.
    I'm bored too, I might wash my hair but my mum's hungover and still in bed (she got home pissed on italian lager at 4 in the morning) and she'll kill me if I'm in the shower when she wants it. I'm still in bed. On the other hand, it is now a whole week since I did any work, something to be proud of :p:

    Also, I can't find anywhere that tells me whether anywhere's open in St. Helens tomorrow (bank holiday) and there's not much point in busking if there'll be nobody there. But then if places are open there'll be more people there than on tuesday when people are in work. Any idea where to find out, oh she of the great initiative? ;)
    Sorry I didn't reply before, I was trapped in the kitchen by a massive spider on the floor of the living room. I only escaped when it ran away from the door and I ran upstairs to make my mum kill it. I realise I don't sound very heroic, but it was scary! :p
    It's quite disturbing, isn't it? :p Probably shows too much dependence on solo.... I'm trying to think of better places to busk, it's difficult because I don't really know St. Helens as well as I should. I think there's a square by the library, which could be quite nice, but I'm not sure if it actually exists or where it is...
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