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  • Okay. Is that when the moon is at its fullest?...:)

    Try not to worry hun. You are very young and you have your whole life to learn so there's no need to panic.

    It's very pretty. You always come up with interesting avatars. Do you know about the comedian Bill Hicks?
    I haven't killed anyone yet, so i presume that i am doing okay...:)

    Nothing serious i hope? Is it mental or physical? Try not to panic whatever it is. (i know, blinding advice)

    Life is okay at the moment. I am resonably happy..:)
    Not bad. I am at a friends, i can't believe that i am actually socialising...:)

    Maybe this thing may take off...:)

    I hope your course is still going well?
    Yeah, go on then :p I'm working at being impulsive/not analytical, so f*** it why not? If you're not going til after uni I think we finish at the same time, so that's handy.
    Well one of us has got to be the optimistic one... we're doomed. :p
    I'm alright, I've done absolutely no work and lots of lounging around watching telly and eating fruit bread, so it's quite fun while I manage to stave off the guilt and the horrifying thought of A levels :p
    So when are you buggering off to New York then? Abandoning me...*plays violin*
    Well, i have always thought so...:p

    Did you get any good weather your way in the last few days? It's back to the usual grey skies but i don't really mind. I have a nice jacket that Morrissey would wear. Even i am ashamed of that last sentence..:)

    How was the gig the other night?
    You are so lovely...:blushing: I almost feel embarrassed at my behaviour now....though not quite...:p

    It's the deep fried ones that must be a bit dodgy. I think it has no nutritional value whatsoever, it's just basically hot bread. Maybe it's in the Scots DNA or something?...:) The made up ones are best and better for you. I wake up slavering about them.

    It could be worse though, you're right.

    I get kicked off this thing at five, but have a super evening and tomorrow too..:)
    Oh you remembered.....:sweet:....:lbf:

    I hope your interview goes well. Will it be tricky or is it reasonably straight-forward?

    The pizza thing was serious. I think i am kinda addicted.
    I got logged off before i could send it. I am not used to these restrictions but i have my Plimsoles marinading in a special mixture that will make it very firm..:)

    I am doing okay and quite pleased that i pricked your! I am such drama queen when it comes to such things. Though out of character..:)

    How is the course going? Are you happy? Is it safe to eat pizza?
    but i am old enough to remember buying that on 12 inch single :D

    yes, i do. I wrote about it here. Made me appreciate him more. i saw it at the cinema as well :cool:
    no.... (even tho you are ignorant :p) its just...oh you will see :o pretty poor excuse i must say :p you should be working and not partying!!!! yeah, well get it right :D
    I used a envelope that is used here for internal mail. :eek: you will also see my handwriting!!!!! & its 30th century man :p
    Today @ lunch, i posted you a cd. it is in a home made jiffy bag. I used some old bubble wrap and and a very odd looking envelope! :D
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