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  • I did the CD cover at work. when i'll go home. I will cut it out. hopefully I will post it off to you tomorrow.
    the thing is i have them as a box set. so, some of the tracks i really like are inculed on the cd as extras. So, for me its it has the extras Archangel (amazing song and production) and Mrs Murphy (which is really like a kitchen sink drama with its theme....and one (if he has ever heard it) MORRISSEY wished he had written. :p so, hopefully i might get that done this weekend for you.

    no, if i was one for real. I would of sent him a 'friendly' PM. ;)
    to hell with compilations, i'll do the full LPs.

    i do think, if i was, you would be the least of my member who likes to "mix";) would be banned and given time outs, left, right & centre :p just because i am mean:D

    one of these days i should get another Parka :D
    if you want anything else, i will burn it for you.
    moderating is very tough, so am i, you better watch out kid!
    april fools?
    No! I meant to and forgot about it, is it still on the iplayer thingy? (I don't know why I'm asking, I might as well just check, the way this conversation is going I won't get a reply til tomorrow anyway :p)
    (I'm aware this is about 11 hours too late :p) I have no objection to darling, although with a certain pronunciation it sounds a bit "dirty old man"- alright dawlin'... anyway, my saturday afternoon was spent not typing up geography casenotes and shouting at my computer, nothing out of the ordinary really. Yours sounds much more exciting!
    I think it was just from plays of the tracks.
    Oh, I forgot you were going off!:D Hope you enjoy it!
    No, no, I was replying to a post by an account Jealous of Youth made called When Last I Spoke to Q-Pi and he was posting porn all over the place. All but two of his posts were the same picture-Big Dick Society. Hence the "What a bore":p. I think I deleted the post as it was unneccessary and it did look like I had just put porn up!:D
    Just the plays of your covers, they're only in similar artists, except for some reason they're in the playlist. Perhaps you need a record company number, like the "Official" thing on Bebo, to upload incase you're not them?:p
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