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    dating again

    I think with the free ones anyway. I am also currentley single and I like the thought of vetting people before wasting an evening with them. I heard Guardian Soulmates in the UK is good??
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    West Ham vs Millwall

    There is a big West Ham fan who posts on here isn't there? He has a picture from Stingray or something? In my experience of Upton Park it's a lot safer than it was but given that Millwall have only been given a tiny number of tickets there will be a lot of Millwall fans in the West Ham end. Be...
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    Football's back!

    west ham v Millwall in the league cup looks tasty, could be on the same night as Leyton Orient V Stoke!! Look like the London police will be busy!
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    Football's back!

    Is it possible to do a league of all the clubs that people on here support? It would be a good referance as the season gets under way. I see Man City, Liverpool, West Ham and Chelsea talked about but who supports who?
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    BBC Radio 2 11/02/09 Video?

    Re: BBC Radio 2 Video? Thank you - I will check it out.
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    BBC Radio 2 11/02/09 Video?

    Is there a torrent etc of the BBC Radio 2 gig from earlier this year? I have a MP3 of the recording but would like the video :):) I thank you.
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    Maladjusted on Amazon

    I really, really want the front of cover of this album for a wall. As it looks like there is no vinyl or promo posters has anyone got any other ideas?
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    Buzzin just got the Morrissey M in Manchester DVD

    On the subject of I'm Not Sorry - is it a cover? It is a great song.
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    Sat Aug 15th - Gary Day DJs at How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

    Will you play Morrissey's solo stuff?
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    Say something nice about someone on solo

    I look forward to meeting people!! Do many people on here live in London??
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    Tour of Refusal Intro

    Re: backdrop image Whoops Sorry :o Cheers x2:thumb:
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    Tour of Refusal Intro

    Re: Lou Reed Who is on the picture at the back of the stage?
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