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    If You Dont Like Me, Then Don't Look At Me

    I have not been able to hear this song yet and because I live in the US, the single wont be coming out for another few more weeks. Would someone please post this so I may listen to it (I've heard from a few thats really quite good). Thank you! I'm on a pre-order list to get the single, so yes, I...
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    Tomorrow (Steve Peck Remix)

    Is this version worth having? If so, where can I find it? Thanks in advance---Erin
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    I've Changed My Plea (Live 4/10/91)

    Is this live version worth having? Trying to complete a collection of hard to find songs...thanks
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    My Love Life (USA Version)

    Does anyone have this? And if so, is there a noticable difference between this version and the UK one?
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    Tori Amos pissed off with Morrissey?

    Out of boredom, I read the entry about Morrissey in Wikipedia and read towards the bottom, this comment Tori made to Morrissey...what the hell?! "Fellow singer-songwriter Tori Amos recounted a story at her gig in Manchester on June 5, 2005 (captured as an "official bootleg") that she had...
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    Moz Album Titles and the Meanings Behind Them

    didnt mean to offend thats why i said to correct me on the meanings. i read various different things awhile back and i figured i mind would confuse most of them. i apologize for that. hope i didnt get anyone too upset....i'm still learning. ---Erin
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    [Video Download] - Morrissey - Youngest Was The Most Loved

    thank you much!! I greatly enjoyed it...thanks for posting. ---Erin
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    Moz Album Titles and the Meanings Behind Them

    I've read up on the meanings behind all of Morrissey's album titles but can't seem to figure out what "Morrissey, You Are the Quarry" means or "Ringleader of the Tormentors" signifies. Perhaps one of you would know? I know that "Viva Hate" summed up the bitter feelings after The Smiths broke...
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    But why Julia?

    I know she travels to see all of Morrissey's shows but how did Morrissey meet her? It seems he makes comments specifically to her everytime he's on stage. Are they good friends outside of the shows as well? *sigh* perhaps I'm just jealous...but I'm just curious as to what makes her so special...
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    My Insatiable One

    didnt go through if you could try again, id appreciate it:o
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    My Insatiable One

    miss having that song...hopefully i can download it again soon. i cried when my computer crashed because i knew i lost all of my morrissey songs...
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    My Insatiable One

    Would someone please post this mp3? Lost my version when my computer crashed a few days ago...thank you ----Erin
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