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    Any one from UK going to Rome?

    if still interested, the venue in Rome is an outdoor one see you tonight!
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    10 Best Solo Songs

    in no particular order: Now my Heart Is Full Speedway Everyday Is Like Sunday Seasick, Yet Still Docked We'll Let You Know Life Is A Pigsty Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed Trouble Loves Me Suedehead Late Night, maudlin Street
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    your the best cover boy?

    The history of music is full packed with cover versions of our favorurite songs. Some have been ditched by some creepy musicians, others have been even improved by some random genius. That said, close to the age of 30, I’m quite sure, not mentioning his amazing own material, that Greg Dulli...
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    the afghan whigs - When We two Parted (Live)
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    The Afghan Whigs

    Hello beautiful people! I don't know how many of you actually love Greg Dulli, his work and his soul. I do a lot. I'd be glad if someone of you will post some megaupolad links to Up In It, Gentleman and/or Black Love. I'll surely buy the cds, but can't afford it right now ;) I thank you in...
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    Give me your 10 track Best of The Smiths

    1. Still ill 2. Hand In Glove 3. The headmaster ritual 4. Panic 5. There is a light that never goes out 6. I won't share you 7. Please please, please, let me get what I want 8. rubber ring 9. bigmouth strikes again 10. how soon is now?
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    Favorite concert quotes

    among the gigs I attended: Rome 2006 "Mamma Roma!" RAH 2009 "Fasten your seat belt, is gonna be a bumpy night!" among the gigs I've listened on bootlegs or something Manchester 2004 "whatever happens, please don't forget me" Los angeles 2009 "in your filthy dreams you will remember me in this...
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    Radiohead seen at Souvlaki Space Station

    do you find any similarity? Souvlaki Space Station Karma Police
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    why starting from the second?

    yes, but not a deluxe version...
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    why starting from the second?

    thank you all, but still it sound weird to me that the deluxe editions series start with the second album. i mean, is like REM started their deluxe edition in conjunction with the celebration of Reckoning, but maybe i'm missing something
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    why starting from the second?

    is Bona Drag a deluxe reissue? if so, any clue why they decided to start with the second album from his solo career? thanx?
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    Bette Davis at Morrissey's RAH gig

    i was searching for the video of Bette Davis Eyes, and stumbled on this fan vid: as i started watching it I was moved. easily her words remind me of one of the greatest night of my rich and joyful life...
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    Velvet Goldmine

    thank you SO much!
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    Velvet Goldmine

    hey! during the movie, at the point when Jonathan Rhys Meyers performs at some rainy festival, he sings a song that goes like this "sometimes they call me sebastian".it's just a snippet of the song. i'm wondering whether the song actually exists or not. mind, it's not on the soundtrack i thank...
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    thank you very much!
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