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  1. famouswhendead

    2020-03-06 Leeds (near) complete show

    Here's is (near) complete show. Mix of YT videos. Mix for some songs to obtain complete ones.
  2. famouswhendead

    Request : This Charmin Man (Inst) live

    I'm looking for the instrumental version of This Charming Man, found years ago, on a bootleg called "college heroes". If anyone (FamousWhenDead ?) can help me ! Thanks in advance The Smiths - "College Heroes '83" Westfield College, London 17/11/83 (poor, yet listenable, audience recording) 01...
  3. famouswhendead

    Moz live at the BBC 2002-2011

    Compilation of the BBC Session from 2002 to Now
  4. famouswhendead

    Request : James Complete Whiplash Session Tape

    Hi I have only 12 tracks, but it seems a "24 tracks" version exist. Thanks in advance
  5. famouswhendead

    Poor Education Brixton 21/07/09 Pretty good sound
  6. famouswhendead

    Request XFM Interview 2004-05-17

    Hi, I'm looking for this interview by Ian Camfield on XFM Music:Response Thanks in Advance
  7. famouswhendead

    Request : Hot Press Rock Award

    I'm looking for some Moz TV appearance. Maybe somebody will able to help me! 1998-04-09 Hot Press Rock Award with U2 2000-02-00 FAX, Canadian TV 2000-03-00 Canal Fox, South American TV Thanks in advance.
  8. famouswhendead

    Req : 1st Gang BBC Culture Show

    Hi, I wonder if anybody have a good quality version (or a HQ one) of the video of "1st of the Gang" (live in Newcastle 2006), broadcasted by the BBC during the Culture Show. Thanks
  9. famouswhendead

    ESCH, Rockhal Luxembourg 10.12.2006

    I wish you a very happy night and a happy new year. Here is my contribution to this forum with my works in Luxembourg. Esch, Rockhal audio bootleg complete Esch, Rockhal audio bootleg cover only Esch...
  10. famouswhendead

    Rock en Seine AUDIO TV RIP Great bootleg from a fantastic night!! (coverart included)
  11. famouswhendead

    Lowry DVD (or SVCD)

    I'm still searching for this one. Some weeks ago, someone talked about a 2svcd version. I saw it on EBay one time, but i can't find it again. Somebody have it? Regards
  12. famouswhendead

    Palladium 2006/05/14 Cover included
  13. famouswhendead

    Rock Am Ring Audio

    Sound quality is fantastic. From the WDR TV broadcast
  14. famouswhendead

    PORTSMOUTH Videoclip

    Hope you like it
  15. famouswhendead

    PARIS, Olympia 2006/04/11 download

    I hope you will like it FWD
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