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    Adidas/New Order

    Adidas invited Bernard Sumner to help design a number of New Order themed products, which are now available via their web site. There's also a video of the range featuring a short remix of NO's new single...
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    Mike Joyce/Buzzcocks

    Buzzcocks released an album of demo's today called The 1991 Demo Album, the drummer on the album is Mike Joyce! And here he is drumming with them at the Manchester Music Festival in 1991
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    Stuff you would like to see

    Would love Morrissey to do something like this!
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    Moving through the silence - Celebrating the life and legacy of Ian Curtis

    Should be interesting for anyone into Joy Division/New Order. Apparently Brandon Flowers is joining the discussion as well. Monday 18th at 8pm
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    New Order stream

    If anyone is into New Order and not seen ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) it's being streamed this Friday at 7.30. These were the shows where they deconstructed the songs and played them live with a synth orchestra. It also shows the planning that went into it, which us really interesting...
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    Ken Dodd dies at age 90 (Morrissey's "favourite comedian" - 1984)

    Ken Dodd, what a career he had, carrying on virtually right to the end. He married his partner of 40 years just 2 days ago. (originally posted in the Book of Condolence Thread) Posted by Famous when dead: Morrissey - 3rd of March, 1984 Obituary: Sir Ken Dodd - BBC News 12 March 2018 His...
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