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    Denise Johnson dies - New album features a Smiths cover version ("Well I Wonder")
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    Who is writing songs that are better than Morrissey’s today?

    Even though Morrissey has, mostly, passed his peak he is still head and shoulders above other current songwriters. I love all of the new album and don’t hear anything as witty or exciting or even melodic.
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    Which interview was it where M said he felt close to transsexualism?

    I think it may be from Nineteen Eighty-Hate.
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    The Smiths-The Day I Was There TV feature

    They manage to have a little dig at Morrissey. I suppose he was the weakest link in the band.
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    The Smiths San Remo 1987. Any footage of this specific performance?

    It was clearly the San Remo Festival in 1987 but there is no footage anywhere online of The Smiths in this garb. There is footage of the Festival but with different staging and outfits.
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    Alternate Louder Than Bombs promo poster. Is this genuine?

    I am thinking not but it’s very nice.
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    Why is Wonderful Woman missing from The Smiths Complete?

    Is that the only track missing?
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    The Vegas Nerves A great band from Sydney
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    Any musicians in Sydney?

    Singer with songs looking for musicians/collaborators. Age 35+ would work the best I guess. Stephen +61437 593 555
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    Snippet of Morrissey recording Everyday is Like Sunday

    There used to be a recording of Morrissey in the studio discussing the “onyur face” line from EILS. Did I imagine it?
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    I think Israel, in the song, is a person

    Morrissey often names people after places or things (Gelato, Skull Cap...) and I think Israel is talking to and about a person not a nation. This may have been discussed. Sorry if it has.
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    Love this picture, never seen it before

    It’s a lovely picture.
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    World Peace tracks missing on iTunes download

    I bought the deluxe World Peace album on iTunes and now I can’t get the complete album when I play it on my new phone. About a third of the tracks are missing.
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    Low In High School vinyl back cover handwritten tracklist request

    The tracklisting looks lovely handwritten like that. Is there a good quality picture of it anywhere?
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    Morrissey does play shows that aren’t sold out

    He played Wollongong near Sydney a couple of years ago and, referring to the venue being nowhere near sold out, said “It’s fine” or “It’s okay”. He also gets paid the agreed fee whether it’s a sell out or not. It’s the promoters that take the risk not the artist. To say he cancels shows that...
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    Is Morrissey Central down?

    There appears to be no content.
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    Never forget, Johnny was horrible about Morrissey first... an NME interview he really took the piss around the time of Kill Uncle. He called him Alf Wank in reference to Our Frank, a song Johnny has never bettered in his own career.
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    Are The Smiths and Morrissey among the most written about bands and artists ever?

    In terms of books published surely Morrissey and The Smiths must be up there amongst the most highly documented.
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    Does the negative press damage Morrissey's career and does he care?

    I know people gnash their teeth and say they're going to burn all their cds but really he is still very popular and is 20 times more successful than Johnny Marr overall if not more. For every fan that falls on their sword there is probably another one born who is intrigued by the fascinating old...
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    What did Johnny Marr tell his fellow Smiths at the fish restaurant?

    Did he tell the band he wanted a break or want to leave? It seems he didn't leave until the NME story was leaked saying he had left.
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