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  1. spazrock

    Official Facebook NYC dates have been postponed

    Morrissey’s NYC Concerts to be Postponed to a later date - As New York City has now prohibited all events with audiences of more than 500 people from taking place due to the CoronaVirus pandemic….. Morrissey’s launch concerts for his new I’m Not a Dog on a Chain album release, set for The...
  2. spazrock

    TQID live pro-shot video?

    I looked on youtube and didn't see one (so I assume it doesn't exist) but is there a live pro-shot video performance of the Smiths playing The Queen Is Dead? Maybe from a tv show or something? Thanks!
  3. spazrock

    Years Of Refusal Vinyl in the US?

    I looked online and I couldn't find a place in the USA that was selling Years of Refusal on vinyl. Is it too early for sites to list this? Or do you think it's going to be really hard to get here?
  4. spazrock

    Morrissey: Borgata 7/24/07?????

    Does anyone know if this show was recorded? Is it too soon to ask? Any info would be greatly appreciated. It was my first Moz show. :)
  5. spazrock

    REQ: KROQ 1997 + Boxers single

    Can anyone help me get these? Thanks! :D
  6. spazrock

    Req: Jeff Buckly - I Know Its Over (Studio Demo)

    I was wondering if anyone had the studio demo of Jeff Buckly covering "I Know Its Over"? I have a live version where the quality isn't too good. Thanks!!! :D
  7. spazrock

    Req: Tony The Pony

    The version of Kill Uncle I downloaded didn't come with this song, can anyone help me out? Thanks!!! :)
  8. spazrock

    Badly Drawn Boy - Back to the Old House

    Tonight (3/7) I saw Badly Drawn Boy in NYC and he covered Back to the Old House! It was cool! At my first BDB show Andy Rourke was on bass. :)
  9. spazrock

    Grave Morrissey picks burial spot...

    Grave Morrissey picks burial spot Singer Morrissey is known for being a bit morbid, so it's no surprise that he already knows where he wants to be buried. The 48-year-old star wants a spot at the celebrity cemetery Hollywood Forever, near his home in Los Angeles, the Daily Express...
  10. spazrock

    req: Feb 26 1995- London, Drury Lane Theatre Royal

    Drifter is this is a case for you?? :)
  11. spazrock

    D/L 28 March 2000, Estadio Victor Jara, Santiago, Chile (soundboard) 224 kbps 28 March 2000 Estadio Victor Jara, Santiago, Chile Hairdresser On Fire Alma Matters Ouija Board, Ouija Board Now My Heart Is Full The Boy Racer Is It Really So Strange? The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get I Am Hated...
  12. spazrock

    "The Uncle Is Dead" Live in Dallas 1991

    I got this from another site online, I have never heard this or seen the "Live in Dallas" video, I wish it would get released in the USA on DVD. Also, the day this show was recorded was my 10th birthday!!! :) Enjoy!!! 320kbps From...
  13. spazrock

    Req: Same Day Again

    Hey all, does anyone have this amazing soundboard show? I downloaded a few songs from a site a long time ago, and can't find it again, to get the rest of the songs. So, does anyone have this entire show and want to upload it please? :D :D :D Thanks in advance!!! edit: The concert is from the...
  14. spazrock

    I am not British, so what does "Busking" mean?

    Hi, I got this message from Andy Rourke's MySpace page: Busking World Record 13-010-07 Hi all, Just thought I'd drop you all a line to say that we are doing a world record busking event. Come down and join us if you can - we are using this to draw attention to the second Versus...
  15. spazrock

    Morrissey Wants An Honour

    Singer MORRISSEY accepts he has wrecked his chances of being honoured by QUEEN ELIZABETH II - but he insists he is more deserving of a title than many recipients. The former SMITHS frontman distanced himself from the establishment with tracks like THE QUEEN IS DEAD, but now concedes he'd be...
  16. spazrock

    A year and a half ago....

    ....I got my first Morrissey CD "Live at Earls Court" and since then I have listened and become a fan of EVERY Smiths/Morrissey album. Morrissey has become one of the most important musicians/artists to have changed my life... I don’t think people that I know understand, but I’m sure people here...
  17. spazrock

    Pearl Jam....

    Anyone here like Pearl Jam? They are my favorite band, (I've seen them 20 times!!!!) Moz is a very close second behind Pearl Jam, and these two bands are the most responsible for changing my life. Any thoughts on PJ? :)
  18. spazrock

    Odds of these songs live?

    What are the odds that Morrissey will play these songs live on tour? I have never seen Moz before... thanks! Suedehead Break Up The Family I Dont Mind If You Forget Me Dial-a-Cliche Margaret On The Guillotine Interesting Drug Hold On To Your Friends The Last of the Famous International...
  19. spazrock

    Andy Rourke and Badly Drawn Boy

    When did these artist work together? Did they ever tour together? Thanks!
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