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  1. Elspeth Buggery

    Ho and indeed hum

    About 25 years ago a copy of the July 1983 Hacienda in-house video recording of the Smiths fell into my hands. My copy had originally been supplied to Rough Trade by Factory Records. Evidently to save money, those canny Mancunians had simply recorded over one of their own Ikon video releases (a...
  2. Elspeth Buggery

    Seeking informed opinion(s) on these signed items?

    I bought them together at a record fair in London maybe 25 years ago. It's now time to sell up but I've recently had a dissenting voice (from a source whose opinion I value) as to their authenticity. Hence why I'm asking those who genuinely know their stuff re autogs for their two penn-orth...
  3. Elspeth Buggery

    Barbarism... UK DJ 12" 2-sided version on eBay

    If you're that way inclined:
  4. Elspeth Buggery

    William It Was Really Nothing Italian 12" VINX 71 on eBay

    I've a lovely clean copy of this up on eBay if you'd care to take a look.
  5. Elspeth Buggery

    What Difference... UK WLTP 7" for sale

    Push out centre white label 7" on eBay here:
  6. Elspeth Buggery

    TIALTNGO French PS 7" Signed by Morrissey (twice)

    I've had this 30 years or thereabouts and it pains me to part with it. I call this indisputably the tastiest official 7" ever released by The Smiths. And making this one even more tasty are the two nice Morrissey signatures, front and back. It is on eBay currently...
  7. Elspeth Buggery

    The Smiths "Rank" 1988 Rough Trade WLTP with postcard

    Another quite tasty original UK WLTP, here with its promo postcard.
  8. Elspeth Buggery

    Girlfriend in a coma UK WLTP 12" super condition

    Not as common as all that, least not in this condition.
  9. Elspeth Buggery

    William...Canadian 4-track promo 7"

    I used to see these around a lot in the record fairs 25 years ago but now they rarely surface.
  10. Elspeth Buggery

    The 1984 red vinyl Japanese interview flex 7" for sale

    I've two nice examples in their original thin plastic sleeves. Firstly this auction.
  11. Elspeth Buggery

    A Hatful of Hatfuls...still sealed/WLTP/WLTP Mayking

    These three Hatfuls all have something in common - they're quite collectible especially the Mayking pressing which is in the low-to-mid hundreds whenever one has appeared for sale. Firstly the one-of-a-kind(?) shrink-wrapped mint 1988 French pressing...
  12. Elspeth Buggery

    Licensed 'Sheila...' T-shirt from 1988, still sealed

    I've slapped this on eBay having looked after it for nearly 30 years. Not many of these around in this day and age etc etc.
  13. Elspeth Buggery

    "Ask" 7" picture sleeve singles, UK and Australian, both signed

    This pretty pair is leaving my collection next week. The Australian one is especially toothsome. Have a peep on eBay.
  14. Elspeth Buggery

    Oye Esteban 1999 U.S. tour T-shirt - original, great condition

    The official tee for the 1999 West Coast tour. Size 'L'. Dates on the back and logo on sleeve. Check it out in full on eBay:
  15. Elspeth Buggery

    'Wonderful Woman' and 'Reel Around...' boot CDs for sale

    Both are in very good condition without marks or flaws. The cases are a trifle scuffed due to age. They're some of the best boot CDs that were compiled of rare Smiths trax. PM me a reasonable offer. UK P+P is £2.
  16. Elspeth Buggery

    The Headmaster Ritual UK and Australian CD singles (1988) on eBay
  17. Elspeth Buggery

    I Know Very Well... freebie 7" signed by Morrissey and Vini Reilly

    And another prized item that I'm painfully relinquishing! I bought this 7" at a record fair maybe 25 years ago. Everyone here knows the background of it, I'm presuming. However, mine has a super bold and breezy Morrissey signature (well, actually 'Steven Patrick' if you're being pedantic!)...
  18. Elspeth Buggery

    Super rare (12 only made) promo Morrissey T-shirt from 1988 for auction on eBay

    This is an EMI promotional T-shirt made in tiny quantities to mark the release of the Every Day Is Like Sunday single. I believe all the examples were offered as prizes in a Smash Hits magazine competition. No other EDILS t-shirt was ever produced officially in the 1980s. It's totally and...
  19. Elspeth Buggery

    Alexandra Palace Youtube clip

    Just saw this clip of tonight's show-it looks and sounds amazing.
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