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  1. Mclenarr

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Did any of the smiths actualy frequent Salford's lads club? Can't imagine Morrissey in particular being a regular. Wasn't he a virtual recluse before and even during the Smiths?
  2. Mclenarr

    this site is so hypocrtical

    Re: for your interest I like smart arses. Maybe you don't know all the definition of smart. Here's one of many from the dictionary. –adjective 11. dashingly or impressively neat or trim in appearance, as persons, dress, arse etc.
  3. Mclenarr

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    when i went into Waterstones in doncaster today upstairs they had TLOTFIP on.
  4. Mclenarr


    how old are you btw?
  5. Mclenarr


    well i've known what it's like to be 'in love'. it was an unrequited love and thankfully it's only happned once. as to your litany of questions the only thing i can inform you of is love is most definetly unrelated to lust. Lust and love are on a completely differnt order of magnitude. In fact...
  6. Mclenarr

    Marlon Brando's Fellatio picture

    the thing in question belonged to Marlons beloved friend Wally. I mentioned it in a thread when i first joined in my infamous*/highly unpopular* first spell on this site. *dellet as inapropriate or not
  7. Mclenarr

    What made you fight back tears today?

    *rings bells* oh yay! oh yay! Captain beefheart is dead! *rings bells* *rings bells* oh yay! oh yay! Cpt beefheart is dead! *rings bells*
  8. Mclenarr

    Songs about Morrissey

    I've always thought New Order's Subculture might be about t'old lad. These are some of the lyrics written while The Smiths were at the height of their popularity. One of these days you'll go back to your home You won't even notice that you are alone One of these days when you sit by...
  9. Mclenarr

    What radio station do you listen to?

    Almost exculsively 6music. Steve Lamaq's round table i on atm. The despicable David Quantick is on and doing his usuual impression of someone trying to be witty and failing like a cross between Julian Assange and Gero...ahh...i leave that stuff to Quantrap.
  10. Mclenarr

    my sucky life

    Lifes what you make it.
  11. Mclenarr

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    When are Californinan's going to get it into their heads that snow is not a bloody novelty!;)
  12. Mclenarr

    Message from Morrissey re:Johnny vs. Dave Cameron

    The exchange about this in the house of commons a bit back was very cringey.
  13. Mclenarr

    Simon Armitage talking Moz on BBC6

    he has done so now. He said moz was one of only two people in music who might be a poet. Dylan was the other. Then he said he 'had the pleasure of meeting Morrissey earlier this year'. then he went 'mmh'. That was it. There's still 10 mins left though
  14. Mclenarr

    Message from Morrissey re:Johnny vs. Dave Cameron

    I think it's cool that he passed such a high profile opportunity to get some free publicity and attention!
  15. Mclenarr

    Johnny Marr vs David Cameron

    The other thing is I didn't' even know he was on twitter and have just starte following him. I wonder how many new follwers he's gained today!
  16. Mclenarr

    Johnny Marr vs David Cameron

    Anyone know if Cameron's said something lately to provoke Johnny?
  17. Mclenarr


    At least the Smiths guy didn't start crying like the guy last night!!
  18. Mclenarr


    why was you on shock? He spent most of last year f***in' her!!!
  19. Mclenarr


    ban him!!:lbf:
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