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    'I’ve Been Dreaming Of A Time When...' statement; "For Britain" support - Morrissey Central

    So, these are the good people of For Britain that Moz thinks we should put our faith in.. thanks Moz, but no thanks. Dave
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    'I’ve Been Dreaming Of A Time When...' statement; "For Britain" support - Morrissey Central

    I've always voted Labour and probably always will, so I've never been comfortable with the Labour / Tories line in Irish Blood. His political outbursts have always landed flat with me - recent years he's had a pop at Andy Burnham, Nicola Sturgeon and others for no reason, other than his childish...
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    Good record shops in Manchester

    Vinyl Revival if you want t-shirts. If you fancy a trip out of the city centre, get a tram to Stretford and go to Reel Around The Fountain records in Stretford Mall - go see Moz's old house and the Iron Bridge while you are there Dave
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    Camden Billboard

    Closing down sale...
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    Morrissey twitter teasing new tour stops?

    Would be great if the tweet read "Mcr Ldn Dub ..." Dave
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    The Big Issue feature on Morrissey (31 July - 6 Aug. 2017)

    Alas, it's not the Northern edition... just the southern one :( Anyone willing to buy a batch and post up to us in the north, or further afield? Dave
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    "England Is Mine" trailer

    As a local lad, I recognise the green tiles of Stretford Public Hall staircase and the subway scenes next door at the Arndale / Stretford Mall. Both just around the corner from Kings Road. And the brief shot of Hi, I'm Johnny - just lovely. I was fairly ambivalent about the project up to now...
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    "The Boy With The Thorn..." demo 7" confirmed for Record Store Day - The Future Heart

    'Limited' to 5000 copies. Five. Thousand. I won't be rushing off to Piccadilly Records and will probably pick one up from eBay later on. Dave
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    Johnny's Autobiography

    Just in case anyone else has shelves that look something like mine, you might want to know that there are (at least) two versions of the standard edition of Set The Boy Free. The one on the left was an Xmas present, bought from Waterstones, the one on the left was bought from Rough Trade just in...
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    Michael Stipe Mentions Morrissey in interview

    The longevity of the R.E.M. Thread here on Solo would suggest that there are a lot of fans of both. Both great bands, great front men and great artists. Dave
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    Craig Gill - Inspiral Carpets / Manchester Music Tours RIP

    Awful news. Shocking. Just seen it on North West Tonight, lovely piece by them, much love from all to Craig. I wanted to come on to Solo to reach out to Juke Box Jury as I know how close you are to Craig - my thoughts and best wishes to his family and friends. Dave
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    Meat is Murder - Oxford - Extended Version

    Eight and a half years since posting this I have been asked to re-upload it. Happy as always to oblige... Enjoy Info here...
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    1 Manchester standing ticket

    I've just sent you a message Gerrys7
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    1 Manchester standing ticket

    Is this ticket still available? Dave
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    Manchester standing ticket

    Hi Is this ticket still available? Dave
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    Any Smiths or Morrissey sightseeing in Toronto, Washington or New York?

    This might be a little left field, but I guess this is Solo, so someone will be able to help. As the title suggests, I'm looking for any potential Smiths or Morrissey sights to see in Toronto, Washington or New York? I'm going on holiday in a week or so and I'm interested to know if there are...
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    2016 Canadian Tour

    Just my luck, I'm going to Torronto on May 27th.... Bugger! Wonder if I could get tix for the TV thing? Will keep my eye on this thread. Dave
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    £5000 Hand in Glove Mayking

    Well spotted: UK 7" - Mayking test pressing [Rough Trade RT131] The story of this oddity which surfaced in 2012 in unclear but it may be a test pressing for the 'London-Morrissey' repressing of the single from around 1986 (see top of this page for description). The record bears generic Mayking...
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    David Bowie dies at 69

    My first thoughts were "He was a fascinating artist in 1970,71 and 72. But not anymore" (I paraphrase, from Importance of Being Morrissey) I suspect that Johnny might say more positive things over the next few days than Moz. Dave
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    Some alternate covers

    Re: Some alternate covers... Why two different sleeves for Kill Uncle - are there different leaks for the different albums? Dave
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